Author: Chris Bradford

Further strikes anticipated as UCU members reject ACAS proposal

Further strikes are expected to occur following the decision of the Universities College Union (UCU) Higher Education Committee (HEC) to reject the settlement devised by UCU and Universities UK. An agreement on both sides was reached on Monday under ACAS, a mediating body. The agreement package was classified as a defined benefit arrangement which would commence from April 1st, 2019 for a period of three years. A defined benefit pension scheme is where the amount members are paid is based on the salary and the number of years worked with the employer. The most notable features of this package...

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Italian Elections: The Fallout

On March 5th, Europe awoke to the fallout of the legislative elections in Italy. It was a night which saw a general degree of continuity when comparing to recent European elections. Fresh from pummelling’s in France, Germany and the Netherlands, social democracy was on the end of another blow with Matteo Renzi’s Social Democrats being punished at the polls. Although the Social Democrats were the second largest party with almost 19% of the vote, it was a change of minus 6.5% compared to their performance in the 2013 legislative elections. Italian politics features a system of alliances: centre-right, centre-left...

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Student Officer Candidate Interviews: Esther Bukoye

Meet SO candidate Esther Bukoye, a third year Law student. “I truly believe in this quote: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ (Gandhi). In other words, “Be Kind to one another” (Ellen Degeneres) – as you can tell, I LOVE inspirational quotes. In short, I care about people. Making a change is NEVER a burden to me. It’s something I WANT to do. I’m approachable and I have an open ear to the concerns of students and I’ve been fighting for students SINCE my first year when I was shortlisted for a Guild Award as a...

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Merseyside MP writes Brexit piece in Sun

Frank Field, Labour MP for Birkenhead, has sparked outrage after writing an opinion post for Brexit-backing tabloid The Sun. This comes after Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn pledged that the UK would be in a customs union arrangement with the European Union post Brexit. There has been a boycott of the publication in the Merseyside region ever since 1989 following their coverage of the Hillsborough stadium disaster. Field, MP for Birkenhead since 1979, argued that by committing to a form of customs union, Jeremy Corbyn is heading towards a ‘Brexit trap’ and if he is caught then the Labour Party is finished....

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AfD overtake SPD in German poll: What it Means

Germany is currently experiencing a political crisis with Chancellor Merkel unable to form a coalition government. The Christian Democrats, along with their sister party the Christian Social Union from Bavaria (CDU/CSU), were the largest party in the September elections ending up with 246 seats falling abysmally short of the 355 needed for a majority in the Bundestag. Originally, the German chancellor intended on forming the ‘Jamaica’ coalition which would have involved the CDU/CSU, the liberal Free Democrats and the Green Party. Unfortunately for Merkel, the FDP walked away from the table in November, leaving Germany in political paralysis. Merkel’s CDU/CSU...

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