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AfD overtake SPD in German poll: What it Means

Germany is currently experiencing a political crisis with Chancellor Merkel unable to form a coalition government. The Christian Democrats, along with their sister party the Christian Social Union from Bavaria (CDU/CSU), were the largest party in the September elections ending up with 246 seats falling abysmally short of the 355 needed for a majority in the Bundestag. Originally, the German chancellor intended on forming the ‘Jamaica’ coalition which would have involved the CDU/CSU, the liberal Free Democrats and the Green Party. Unfortunately for Merkel, the FDP walked away from the table in November, leaving Germany in political paralysis. Merkel’s CDU/CSU...

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Guild Summit supports UCU strikes

Guild Summit has voted to support the decision of University staff to participate in the upcoming University College Union (UCU) strikes. Guild Summit is a democratic body, composed of up to 50 students. Students are selected at random and the selection process incorporates demographics such as gender, mode of study, level of study, ethnicity and mature students. This aims to achieve an accurate representation of views within the University. The UCU strikes involve dispute concerning the pensions of university lecturers.  Under the new changes to the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the UCU say this would leave a lecturer almost...

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Brexit and Ireland: The Problem Continues

Britain’s long and tumultuous road to leave the European Union has reached yet another obstacle: Ireland. Under the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, remaining controls that existed following the Troubles were removed, ensuring that there was effectively no border between the Republic and the six partitioned counties of Northern Ireland. The people of North and South can travel freely. Brexit, as a consequence, makes Ireland a precarious sticking block and an issue which is taking a momentous effort to resolve (on all sides – the EU, The Irish Government and UK Government). There are two versions of Brexit....

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Lib Dems: Give Liverpool a Soft Brexit!

Liverpool Liberal Democrats have tried to put the pressure on Labour Mayor Joe Anderson and Prime Minister Theresa May today by posting a statement advocating that the city should remain a member of the single market and the customs union when the UK withdraws from the European Union. The Prime Minister shares the same stance of the staunchly Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionists, who prop up the minority government in a confidence and supply agreement. In a speech in January 2017 at Lancaster House, Mrs May advocated that post-Brexit: the UK would cease to...

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Champions come up short as points shared at Anfield

Liverpool vs Chelsea – an evening kick-off, a cold November evening, under the lights at a stadium such as Anfield – has the potential for a mouth-watering clash and it would certainly live up to the hype. For Chelsea, this would be their third away game in a row but had reason to be confident after two 4-0 victories away at West Bromwich Albion and in Qarabag, Azerbaijan, in the Champions League. Liverpool, comprehensively defeated Southampton 3-0 at Anfield last Saturday but somehow dropped two points away in Seville after being 3-0 up at half-time.   There was an...

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