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Why the arguments for Scottish independence remain unconvincing

The issue of Scottish independence never disappeared from the political agenda since the ‘No’ vote was victorious in September 2014. Now that Brexit has been added to the political equation, the issue has returned to the fore. Nicola Sturgeon has a right to call a referendum, as a significant constitutional change has occurred; but the argument for Scottish independence remains extremely unconvincing. Independence may bring new opportunities, but there is a possibility that it will worsen the already precarious position of the Scottish economy. Scotland’s budget deficit is approximately 9 percent of their GDP, three times greater than the UK national...

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Getting to Know You: Alex MacKenzie

Dr Alex MacKenzie is a lecturer of international relations, whose specialism is in security issues and globalisation. He is well known in his field, and is a highly respected member of the Department of Politics, which he joined in January 2013. Describe yourself in a tweet.  Lively, enthusiastic lecturer of politics, who is very passionate about my subject and very concerned about the world in which we live. I think the world shows itself more when things are going wrong, and I feel as if the world is going completely wrong. Quite honestly, I’ve been pretty upset over past year...

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Getting to Know You: Charles Esdaile

Charles Esdaile is a world-renowned historian of the Napoleonic Wars. He is the longest serving member of the Department of History, joining the University in 1989 and becoming a professor in 2004. What is your favourite quote and why?                                                              My favourite quote is something that I often say to personal tutees and that underlies my philosophy as a Professor. It comes from Napoleon, and, whilst I despise the fellow...

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Student Officer election interviews: Scott Johnston

Scott is a third-year law student who participated in Ananda Mohan’s campaign last year. His main policies include ensuring Wednesday afternoons are kept free for societies as well as enforcing the “complete roll-out” of Stream Capture for all departments. Scott’s campaign is centred around mental health and creating a service that works for students. Scott will introduce an anonymous complaints procedure at the Guild, because “the Guild at the moment isn’t accessible for students”. He also aims to subsidise textbooks. How would you change the Guild, if elected? I would change it in a number of ways. My manifesto is centred...

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Student Officer election interviews: Beth Meadows

Beth is co-President of the Guild’s largest society, Help the Homeless. Her key proposals involve sustainability in the form of food composting and focusing on the university and Guild’s role in making landlords more accountable. Beth also intends to improve social cohesion through the international buddy system being extended to vulnerable students around campus. How would you change the Guild, if elected? Well, one of the policies I’ve got is to do with sustainability. It’s about food composting so students will have the opportunity to get their food waste and take it to the Guild and get it composted....

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