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Avengers: Infinity War | Review

(Featured Image Credit: Where do I begin with a $400 million, two and a half hour film, featuring no less than 76 characters, and tying together Marvel Universe story-lines that have been ten years in the making? In fact, even to simply call Avengers: Infinity War a film feels like a disservice; rather, it is a historic cinematic event. The high pressure and expectation that comes with such a label certainly did not affect the Russo Brothers’ direction. They have masterfully crafted a display of superhero splendor hitherto unseen on the big screen. What impressed me most is the...

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Is Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Anything to Shout About?

Puberty, periods and penises. Three words that aptly sum up Netflix’s original, animated comedy Big Mouth from creators Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll. You may be familiar with these two from Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, or appearances on popular shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This cartoon sitcom is aimed at adults and revolves around stories from Goldberg and Kroll’s own teenage years in the suburbs of New York, as they navigated new-found territories of relationships, sexuality and friendship. Think of it as a cross between Family Guy (which Goldberg writes for) and Rick and Morty: the first...

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