Author: Cy Sutherland

What would ‘out’ actually mean?

After watching successive debates about the EU, each more mundane than the last, you will have heard the ‘leave’ side talk about life after Brexit, and the UK’s position ‘out’ of the EU; but what would ‘out’ really mean? There are a series of alternative relationships that the UK could forge with the EU, and I will explore the following: the Norwegian, the Swiss and the ‘clean break’ models. Each model offers potential benefits, negatives, and would potentially have huge implications on the UK economically. Norwegian Model It is irrefutable that leaving the EU would cause a significant economic...

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Have we forgotten about Osborne’s tax credits debacle?

The Conservative government suffered a rare defeat in the House of Lords over tax credit reform, which was also a personal setback for the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. Osborne planned to remove tax credits; welfare benefits provided to low-income workers, based roughly on ‘earned income tax credits’. Introduced by the Clinton administration, tax credits were subsequently adopted by the former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown. The Conservatives have two primary motives to reduce welfare spending: fiscal and ideological. Firstly, the government have specified that they need to make £12.5 billion of savings in welfare over this...

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