Author: Cy Sutherland

Estimated 72 percent youth turnout stops Tory landslide

Preliminary election analysis indicates the highest level of 18-to-24-year-old turnout since 1992. There was an estimated 72 percent turnout – in contrast, only 44 percent of young people voted in 2010, which subsequently dipped to 43 percent in 2015. Theresa May, who called this election when she was 23 percentage points ahead in the polls, has lost her House of Commons majority of 17 and may also risk losing her premiership. It is rumoured that senior Conservative Party figures have called for her to resign in the wake of this surprising defeat. Senior Labour Party figures including Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry...

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Why Theresa May has already lost

Labour is still going to lose this election – albeit by a smaller margin – so the real battle is the long-game between now and 2022. When Theresa May called the election on April 18th, it was thought that the snap election would be a foregone conclusion. May was thought – by many Conservative and swing voters – to be Margaret Thatcher 2.0 in the making who oozed the strength, tenacity and resilience necessary to lead Britain into the brave new world after severing its ties with the EU. On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn was perceived by the...

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Help The Homeless Society Committee Profile

Help the Homeless Homeless Society was established in 2013 to try and help tackle the growing homelessness problem in Liverpool and to try and ease the plight of rough sleepers. Additionally, since the refugee crisis, the society has expanded to help refugees/asylum seekers as well. The society organises volunteering projects like the Breakfast Kitchen, which gives people in need a free breakfast every Thursday and Friday. Also, it helped organise the award-winning Sanitary Packing campaign alongside Femsoc, which gave much-needed sanitary products to homeless women. In subsequent years, the society has grown from strength to strength to become the largest paid...

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French Election night at the Guild: students share their views

Emanuel Macron, 39-year-old ex-banker and leader of En Marche!, has won France’s Presidential election, successfully beating his far-right rival, Marine Le Pen to become France’s 25th President. He obtained 65.5 per cent of the popular vote to Le Pen’s 34.5 per cent. A Sphinx reporter went along to the Guild’s French Election Results Night to ask students their thoughts. Jan, a German Masters student said the result was the “first good political news since Trump won.” Jan felt the result was positive not just because the far-right Le Pen had been defeated, but because the “EU has a chance to reform.” Matilda,...

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An interview with German MEP, Terry Reintke: a European perspective on Brexit

Terry Reintke is an MEP for Die Grünen, the German Green Party. She sits on the committee for Women’s rights Equality, Social Affairs and Regional Development. On Wednesday 29th, she came to the University of Liverpool to give the first of her Terry Talks; a series of talks on what Brexit means and to find out what young people want from it. After an insightful talk, we sat down and I asked her some questions about the future of the EU and British politics. Do you think Brexit will galvanise the EU to become more united? I certainly think there is a danger it will...

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