Author: Daniel Marx

The Sphinx’s November 2018 Album Roundup

As 2018 begins to draw to a close, album releases are becoming increasingly few and far between, with musicians bracing for the onslaught of holiday music, and clearing the way for Album of the Year lists. Rest assured, however, at the Sphinx we’ve been keeping our eyes on the ball, looking for the best new releases from the November month to share with you. This month’s roundup features two very different projects from ex-members of the hip-hop collective, Odd Future, the latest work from a New York jazz luminary and a lot of gushing over the new The 1975...

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The Best Christmas Music… From a Jewish Perspective

Disclaimer: this isn’t the Jewish perspective on Christmas music, it is the perspective of myself, one particular Jewish person with very niche ideas about music, and slightly less niche ideas about Christmas. That being said, I really hate Christmas. It comes around, seemingly earlier and earlier every year, hoovering up every other cultural artefact in its wake. It’s too cheery, so cheery that it feels forced. Personally, the winter months (all of which have now been consumed by the holiday’s insatiable appetite) have always felt like they ought to be a time for reflection on the year just passed,...

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Phronesis @ Capstone Theatre | Gig Review

The idea of musical soulmates is one that seems silly – it makes no sense that certain musicians were meant to play together because of some kind of cosmic destiny. Following their spellbinding set at the Capstone Theatre last week however, jazz trio, Phronesis make the idea of musical soulmates seem possible, because if any three musicians were meant to play together, it’s these guys. The stage was set in a way that suggested a quiet, serene performance; a light, artificial fog hung in the air and the back of the stage was illuminated by a wall of spaced-out,...

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The Sphinx’s October 2018 Album Roundup

We here at The Sphinx music team have been diligently trawling through new album releases over the last month, preparing for this first entry in a new monthly series in which we round up our favourite albums released over the last four weeks. Our October 2018 roundup includes records from musicians ranging from polished, sci-fi rap rockers, to jazz tinged, Trump-bashing singer/songwriters. Twenty One Pilots – Trench (Beth Bossert) Ohio based duo Twenty One Pilots released Trench this October, one of the most highly anticipated rock albums of the year. Trench is a concept album set in a dystopian...

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Get the Blessing @ ParrJazz | Gig Review

“Mr. Atrocious, Mr. Cacophonous, Mr. Monotonous, and Mr. Pretentious” are the names by which bassist, and frontman, Jim Barr dryly introduced himself and his bandmates towards the end of jazz-rock quartet, Get the Blessing’s riotous set on Thursday evening at ParrJazz in Studio2 on Parr Street. This was in response to a negative review of the band’s new album, Bristopia, which they had clearly taken in their stride, turning it into a defiant laughing opportunity before stunning the audience with another raucous tune. This dry, blasé attitude characterised the whole set, with Barr introducing each song with some kind...

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