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The Staves & yMusic – The Way Is Read | Album Review

The Staves are three sisters with one beautifully blended voice. The trio, from Watford, have been honing and perfecting that voice over two studio albums and a variety of EPs, singles and collaborations – notably with Bon Iver frontman, Justin Vernon – and have now reached a point where they are revered, the world over, as incomparable, unspeakably emotive vocal performers. It is however probably fair to say, that until recently, the Staverly-Taylor sisters have not had their considerable talents truly tested. Fans of the girls will be delighted to hear that, on their latest project with New York...

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Becca Stevens – Regina | Album Review

Regina is the fourth full length album from Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, Becca Stevens. Her last two albums, Weightless and Perfect Animal are both extraordinary records, but this new album is a creative feat on a completely different level. On Regina, Stevens keeps her unique flavour of jazz and Appalachian folk-tinged songwriting, and dives head first into a concept full of depth, with both musical and emotional twists and turns. The word ‘regina’ (Latin for ‘queen’) is the idea around which this record is based, and with the music she has created here, Stevens proves herself worthy of the various queens she has honoured...

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Mammal Hands @ The Capstone Theatre | Live Review

On Friday the 24th of February, I attended that evening’s Liverpool Jazz Festival event at the Capstone Theatre, featuring British instrumental trio, Mammal Hands, supported by the jazz quintet, Wandering Monster. The trio emerged in 2014 with their excellent debut album, Animalia, released on Gondwana Records, and returned last year with a captivating follow up, in the form of Floa. The band’s music is pretty hard to categorise, but it takes influences from minimalism, jazz, electronic and world music, just to name a few. The band’s instrumentation is also quite interesting, made up of saxophones, piano and drums. The group...

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Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau – Self Titled | Album Review

Almost every piece of writing I’ve seen on this debut album by Chris Thile (mandolin and vocals) and Brad Mehldau (piano) has mentioned that this combination of instruments and styles shouldn’t work, but does. I would go as far as to say that with two musicians as dedicated and versatile as Brad Mehldau and Chris Thile, that there should never have been any doubt as to whether this project would be a success. The two virtuosos have melded elements from all of their collective musical experiences together, in order to create a style of their own that happily sits...

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Gig Preview: Mammal Hands at the Capstone Theatre, Friday 24th February

Instrumental trio, Mammal Hands will be playing at the Capstone Theatre on Friday 24th February. The trio, comprised of Nick Smart (piano), Jesse Barrett (drums) and Jordan Smart (saxophones), came into the public eye in 2014, with the release of their debut album, Animalia, on Gondwana Records. This performance is part of a promotion tour for their excellent second record, Floa, released last year. The band are influenced by an eclectic mix of genres, such as jazz, minimalism, world and folk music, as well as dance and electronic. Mammal Hands are a dynamic group with a unique sound, don’t miss out. Tickets cost...

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