Author: Danielle Miller

Dame Janet Beer on a no-deal Brexit: “Universities would take decades to recover”

The University of Liverpool’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Janet Beer, has written about the impact of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on Universities in the Guardian. The article comes after university leaders wrote to MP’s to say it will take higher education ‘decades to recover’ if there is a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. The joint letter suggests research links will be affected. This could have a great impact upon scientific progression, in fields such as cancer research and climate change. Universities currently contribute £21 billion to the UK economy. This could be threatened if a ‘no-deal’ Brexit occurs. In Dame Janet Beer’s article, she...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Meet the Uni Boob Team

With October being breast cancer awareness month, the Sphinx interviewed CoppaFeel: Uni Boob Team to find out about all things Breast Cancer Awareness related across campus. What is the Uni Boob Team all about? ‘The Uni Boob Team represent the wider charity of CoppaFeel, which is attempting to eradicate late detection of breast cancer. We want to increase awareness of the early signs of breast cancer and encourage students to check their boobs and talk about it with their peers! The Uni Boob Team don’t offer medical advice, we just encourage students to be up, close and personal with...

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McDonalds, Wetherspoons and TGI Friday’s Staff to Strike

On Thursday 4th October, staff at major food and takeaway chains, including McDonalds, Wetherspoons and TGI Friday’s, will be striking to highlight their poor working conditions. They are demanding ‘better working conditions across the hospitality sector’ including improved pay of £10 hour, improved working conditions and an end to zero hour contracts. In response to the announced strike, Uber Eats and Deliveroo couriers will also strike in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Newcastle, Plymouth and Southampton to protest a cut in the delivery rates. They are demanding £5 per drop off and £1 per mile as a minimum rate. ‘Time...

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What’s On: Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing Week will be running for its third consecutive year from Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May. The aim of Wellbeing Week is to encourage staff and students alike to look after their health and wellbeing, particularly  in the run up to deadlines and exam season. Throughout the week the University will run several completely FREE activities for students; the events vary from fitness to relaxation, and include some fun breaks from revision and deadlines. Some do require booking online, so make sure you check beforehand! Highlights of Wellbeing Week All Week For those of you wanting to let...

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Carnatic Student Village to be Closed

The beloved Carnatic Student Village is to close its doors to students in June 2019. From Morton to Lady Mountford, it has always had a love/hate relationship with its students. From the 699 journeys into town, chips for tea every night and the Carnatic field in the summer, it will always have a special place in student’s hearts. The decision to close Carnatic Student Village comes from the University’s commitment to update its residential accommodation. The scheme began in 2010 with Vine Court opening in 2012, followed by Crown Place in 2014 and Greenbank Student Village just last year....

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