Author: David Naylor

Medicating Post-Colonial Amnesia in Britain

In order to move forward as a nation, Britain must radically alter its inability to critically assess its history. We must accept our colonial past for what it was: the use of state sanctioned systemic violence to subjugate ‘lesser’ nations to the will of the oppressor. When Jeremy Corbyn declared last month “Black History is British history, and it should not be confined to a single month each year”, he was met with jeers from the ‘patriotic’ wing of the Conservative party. Jacob Rees Mogg – ever a bastion of progressive politics – claimed the ‘good’ parts of Britain’s...

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The British Left Need a Radical Foreign Policy

The urgent requirement for Jeremy Corbyn to be a shining beacon for the international Left by departing from the current, intensely harmful foreign policy orthodoxy cannot be underestimated. A new socialist foreign policy condemning evil in all its malign manifestations must be a priority for a future Labour government.  There is a bitter irony about Theresa May’s recent decision to sanction missile strikes in Syria, in reaction to the ‘barbaric‘ chemical attacks committed by the Assad regime. On one hand, May condemns the actions of an authoritarian regime as being totally at odds with the values of liberal democracy. On...

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Craft Taproom Review: ‘Pie, Pint and Pudding’

Smithdown Road offers a treasure trove of delicious delights. Everything from mouthwatering Mexican (Evil Eye Burrito and Mesquite) and tantalizing Thai (Tiger Rock and Thai Kitchen), to outstanding pizza (My eternal favorite, Tribeca) and brilliant burgers (The Tavern Co. and Portland 358) is available on South Liverpool’s very own cosmopolitan heaven. With this in mind, I decided it was time to review some of Smithdown’s best spots for hungry students. The Taproom has cultivated a reputation for serving up fantastic beer since opening in March 2017. Such commitment to craft beer is exemplified by the bar’s hosting of regular collaboration...

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Bonfire Night Delight: Spicy Persimmon and Butternut Squash Soup

Autumn is the perfect time of year to venture into experimenting with new flavours and textures in cooking, so we want to know if you’ve heard or even tried persimmon also known as Sharon fruit? They can be found at most major supermarkets during October and November, and are sometimes referred to as ‘the orange tomato’. Persimmons are a superfood, they are packed full of iron and calcium so you can have seconds or even thirds without feeling guilty! This creamy delight packs a real punch, making it the perfect spark to start off your bonfire night and keep you...

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A Dire Democratic Deficit: The Case For Scottish Independence

Frank L. Baum declared in The Marvellous Land of Oz that “Everything must to come to an end, sometime.” On that note, isn’t it about we time emerged from our stasis and stopped supporting the fossilised concept of The United Kingdom? Theresa May can claim: “we have pulled together as one and succeeded together. We are four nations, but at heart, we are one people” repeatedly, but her rhetoric couldn’t be further from the reality of the current state of the union. In the real world, this little island remains more divided than ever. While Treacherous Theresa and her predecessor...

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