Author: David Naylor

A Dire Democratic Deficit: The Case For Scottish Independence

Frank L. Baum declared in The Marvellous Land of Oz that “Everything must to come to an end, sometime.” On that note, isn’t it about we time emerged from our stasis and stopped supporting the fossilised concept of The United Kingdom? Theresa May can claim: “we have pulled together as one and succeeded together. We are four nations, but at heart, we are one people” repeatedly, but her rhetoric couldn’t be further from the reality of the current state of the union. In the real world, this little island remains more divided than ever. While Treacherous Theresa and her predecessor...

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Brexit Britain: Our Country Taken Back, To The Dark Ages

The trustworthy trio of Gove, Johnson and Farage, who spearheaded the Brexit campaign, talked repeatedly of “taking our country back” prior to Britain’s decision to leave the EU on June 23rd. There have been some commentators who have had the audacity to refute this claim; but, in defense of the three amigos (nope, not the name of a Bee Gees, come Mariachi Tribute act), Britain has indeed been taken back: back in time, to a pre-Second World War Europe, where intolerance and economic insecurity are widespread. It’s difficult to attach too much blame to the Brexit camp, however. It...

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