Author: Dean Lockley

Cream Classics performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra – A Preview

Cream announce a night of dance music classics as you’ve never heard them before, the soundtrack to a generation, performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in one of Liverpool’s most iconic and breath-taking buildings – Liverpool Cathedral. Bringing together three of the city’s cultural institutions for a unique event that will see global dance brand Cream collaborate with musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and will transform some of the greatest dance classics from the electronic music genre in the majestic surroundings of Liverpool Cathedral. This unique concert, a first for the city will see a 60...

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‘The Catacombs Of Liverpool’s Darkest History’ – Review.

We were warned about what lay under St George’s Hall, we did not know what to expect… The Catacombs tour of St Georges Hall opened with our tour guide setting the scene of Victorian Liverpool, a place riddled with inequality and poor conditions for the lower class (almost feeling uncomfortably relevant). Following this, youths descending from each staircase fighting each other, displaying there tattered clothes and the little that was available to them. We ascended the stairs to see a saddening but powerful monologue from a ‘prostitute’ of Liverpool, regaling her tales of beatings and abuse from the local townsfolk. Coming up the...

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Kanye West – The Life of Pablo: Review

Kanye West returns to the music scene after numerous name and track listing alterations; his unsure and constantly changing style show in The Life of Pablo. The album lacks a clear message and coherent flow, and whilst the music is experimental and interesting, what he is trying to say is not clear. After the success of rap albums like Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly which combine interesting music and political lyrics made the need for Kanye to be on top of his game, but for me he disappoints. The lyrics are mainly related to women and how great he is at sleeping with...

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The Greatest Romance Films of All Time

For this Valentines Day, experience something a bit different to the generic chick flick. This list of critically acclaimed romantic films should appeal to a wide variety of couples with something for everyone: 10. Beauty and the beast (1991) This animated classic needs little introduction, the film revolves around Belle and The Beast, in which the Beast was punished for his arrogance as a human and to become a prince again will have to win her love or remain a monster forever. A wonderfully romantic film for all ages. 9. Slumdog Millionaire (2008) Dev Patel stars in Slumdog Millionaire, the story of a...

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Let It Be Musical – A Review

The Let It Be musical takes you on a Magical Mystery Tour (get it? I’ll move on…) throughout the career of the Beatles, with each stage of their career portrayed from The Cavern to Let It Be. The night started with a brief history of the band and the 1960’s therefore allowing people who know a little about the Beatles to appreciate the context of the performances. The cast were Paul Canning (Lennon), Emanuele Angeletti (McCartney), Paul Mannion (Harrison) and Luke Roberts (Starr). The appearances of ‘Paul McCartney’ and ‘John Lennon’ were great, they both looked and sounded a lot like...

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