Author: Dean Lockley

Interview with Natalie Gauci (Former Australian Idol Winner)

Today I met Australian Idol winner Natalie Gauci; she was helping promote Honor a brand of mobile phone  – which included taking a cheeky selfie or two –  and luckily for me I managed to get one with her afterwards! (Ignore the big cheesy grins) Hi, thanks for agreeing to chat with me. I must say I was very impressed with your performance. Thank you very much. What do you think of Liverpool and the University? Love it! It’s great here! What do you like about the University? You have a wonderful grand piano in the hall. Have you had a go on...

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Coffee House Sessions – Luke Sital Singh and Natalie Gauci

The Coffee House Sessions run every Monday at 3PM in the courtyard (where the food court is). The gigs run for around 30 minutes, keeping it short but sweet, comprising of mostly acoustic sessions. Different acts perform each week, with a promising line up scheduled for the rest of the term. Luke Sital Singh The first week’s showing was Luke Sital Singh, a singer-songwriter from London. His credentials include appearing on the BBC numerous times, with one of his songs even being featured on Match of the Day. The songwriter performed in front of a crowded group of students, though his powerful vocals and...

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Interview with LSFilm President Rob Corcoran

Hi Rob, thanks for speaking to me, how was the experience filming and did it take long to create? I knew in June 2014 what I wanted to do next with LSFilm. We finished and released our first series ‘UNiTITLED’ in May and knowing that I was going to be the president in the coming year I wanted to top that and do something bigger and better. ‘the making of’ was the idea and, at its simplest, was a comedy/drama where the comedy bits were about me preparing to film the drama bits. That’s how it was sold. In short...

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LSFilm’s: ‘The Making Of’ Sex, Drugs and Social Media – A Review

The three part series from Liverpool Student Film – the universities film making society – written, directed and starring Robert Corcoran as ‘J’ contains episodes revolving around the themes: sex, drugs and social media. Each episode portrays the dramatic scenes contrasting with the making of those scenes. This is quite an interesting concept, a mockumentary woven into a drama series, an ambitious and unusual take on teen lives regarding various and somewhat controversial subject matter. The first episode is ‘sex’, starting off dramatically then switching to an edgier comedy tone, setting out the platform for the rest of the series. The...

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Liverpool’s Top 5 Museums and Galleries (All free!)

This is a guide to the best galleries/museums Liverpool has to offer, the attractions are getting constantly updated; therefore even if you have been once, you will find something different the next time. Therefore one day viewing them simply isn’t enough, having compiled this list from several visits to these places to give the top 5 best free museums / art galleries:  No 5 – World Museum The World Museum is right next to the Central Library and Walker Art Gallery among other local attractions making it one to make sure you visit if you are in the area. The...

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