Author: Elizabeth Lourenco

The Tune Hotel Review and COMPETITION!!!

Could you be staying in this new central Liverpool hotel after exams!? Have a read about the hotel itself and about how to enter our competition below! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to review The Tune Hotel in Liverpool. As a student, I didn’t need much more persuasion other than just being told it was free for me, as a student journalist, so was very keen to go! My first impressions of it when I arrived was just how grand it was, set on the lovely Castle Street in the beautiful Queen Building. Upon arrival I was...

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Get your menstruation facts right. Period.

The day has finally come. That which has been dubbed ‘tampon tax’ has ended in the UK. This outdated tax law meant that tampons, sanitary towels and other essentials for women’s periods were being taxed at the same rate as items such as edible flowers, helicopters and crocodile meat, which are considered “luxury items”. After a petition on was launched, this topic was made public and got many people talking. I for one don’t think you’d find many women in the UK who think a period is a luxury and I don’t think anyone would want to sit on...

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Is this the beginning of the end for our NHS?

I woke up this morning to the heart-breaking news that the junior doctor contracts have been imposed without approval from the BMA and without agreement on social hours, pay, and safety measures. After attending the strikes outside Alder Hey Children’s hospital yesterday I was in such positive spirits. After seeing how much the public supported and stood by us this announcement couldn’t have been more of a blow. I genuinely believed that just maybe the Department of Health might listen to the opinions of the people they’re meant to serve.           This is a sad...

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Christmas spirit comes from within

Merry Christmas Readers! Scientists from Denmark have published an article in the BMJ where they aimed to define and locate where the Christmas Spirit is in the brain. That’s right you heard me correctly, they’re trying to identify that ‘warm, fuzzy, Christmassy’ feeling that you get when you hear jingle bells.   This was a relatively small study only looking at 26 people, 10 of whom celebrate Christmas and 10 that do not, 6 were excluded as they do not celebrate Christmas but still have a strong affinity to the Christmas season. The subjects were given a questionnaire that asked about...

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Junior doctors vote for strike action

It’s official. After two weeks of balloting junior doctors on the decision of whether or not to strike the BMA have announced that the strikes will be taking place. As a card carrying BMA member I am thrilled with the results, the junior doctors from across the country have united and will not stand for both this assault on our profession and Jeremy Hunt’s flagrant attempt to dismantle the NHS and pin it on medical staff. There was an overwhelming response from junior doctors, over 76.2% of junior doctors voted, and of these 98% voted that a strike is...

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