Author: Elizabeth Lourenco

Sefton Park Meadows Under Threat From Development

Whether you use it as a training space for running or as an area to relax to enjoy the sun (whenever possible) Sefton Park is a feature well known to any student studying in Liverpool.   Sefton Park is a beautiful Grade I listed green space and covers an area of over 200 acres. It was originally purchased in 1867 and designed as a pleasure garden for the people of Liverpool. Unfortunately due to budget cuts, areas with natural beauty like this are under threat from developers. Redrow Homes North Wales have submitted a planning application to build 34...

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Women in Surgery

‘Picture in your mind a consultant surgeon.’ This was the first thing that one of the speakers at the Women in Surgery conference said, ‘Now raise your hand if you thought of a male’ I was part of the overwhelming majority of people who raised their hands. I was unable to think of one female consultant surgeon with whom I have come into close contact with so far in my 13 week hospital placement. I pictured my past Consultant: a brilliant teacher; keen to get us to learn; and male. When you think about it, this is hardly surprising...

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