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Michelangelo’s restaurant – the review

Situated in an idyllic setting overlooking the lake of Sefton Park, Michelangelo’s restaurant is located within Sefton Park Hotel. This is a perfect area to visit on a sunny evening especially with it being so close to the student area of Liverpool. Two of us ventured over to Michelangelo’s on a beautiful weekday evening, being welcomed by a very approachable waitress. Although the restaurant is quite small in size, it is no doubt accommodating enough for most guests at the restaurant and provides a homely, warm feel for visitors. With a brand new menu being used within the restaurant, we were informed that the website is soon to be updated. The food ranges from classic British to European cuisine, and offers great deals such as a lunch time main course for just £5.95 from Monday to Saturday. For a starter, I decided to choose Grilled goat’s cheese (£5.95) – with the goat’s cheese set on a herb salad drizzled with a balsamic vinegar and pesto dressing. The portions provided are simply out of this world. You would not be stupid in thinking that this was a main course, and I was delighted with not only the value for money with the food that was provided, but also with the quality of the food itself. The goat’s cheese was cooked to perfection, the bread light and moist, and the portion of...

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Trattoria 51; Victorious 100%

Trattoria 51, a budding new restaurant in Liverpool opened in October 2013. You would be forgiven for missing this hidden gem if you are a student in Liverpool as it is located in the business quarter of Liverpool, an area many of us students would never think to visit. Here at LSMedia, however, we were cordially invited to visit the Liverpool branch of Trattoria 51 (an addition to the Trattoria 51 restaurant in Southport after its success there). Both myself and my companion were greeted by welcoming and friendly staff, eager to discuss the history of the restaurant and the menu with us, showing the pride that staff clearly have for this beautifully decorated restaurant. After being taken to our table and given some house rose wine from Sicily (at the very reasonable price of £16), we were then treated to a delightful selection of bread and olives. The selection on the menu is vast. So much so that it was a difficult and long decision in choosing what exactly to eat. As well as doing the classic Italian dishes one would normally expect such as pasta, risotto and pizza, Trattoria 51 also offers food including other meat dishes such as steak and marinated chicken breast so there really is something on offer to cater for everyone’s tastes. On top of this, there is also a soup of the...

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It’s all in The Taste

The amount of television shows focusing on food and drink has soared in recent years, but none more so than those of culinary competitions. Whether it’s baking that’s more your cup of tea (The Great British Bake-Off) or television programmes showcasing the skills to become a well-renowned chef (Masterchef), cooking fever is well and truly upon us. The latest television show to join this group in the UK is ‘The Taste’, a Channel 4 programme with celebrity chefs Nigella Lawson, Ludovic “Ludo” Lefebvre (the most stereotypical French man you could imagine) and Anthony Bourdain. As the name suggests, this show differs itself from others by emphasising the idea of the importance of taste, and less so on the presentation of a dish. This concept is understandable to audience members as each ‘dish’ prepared by each contestant must only be placed on a large serving spoon to be tried – but yes, essentially it is still a spoon and so a tiny portion – therefore not much room for presentation in this kitchen. Each of the three celebrity chefs are mentors and thus contestants are allocated to these three separate groups (here especially is where the competition can arise), with each week having a different theme or food product that the contestants need to use in order to wow their judges. This week ‘The Taste’ presented us with the six...

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We do love a good takeaway as students, but on these cold gloomy days the last thing you want to do is step out into the freezing cold. So what is the answer? Voila! Go to the JUST EAT website or app for delivery of food direct to your door, and all you need to do is click a few buttons. JUST EAT, like many other businesses, gives you the option of typing in your postcode to search for the nearest takeaways around your area. Not only this, but you can specifically type in the search engine what type of food ‘you fancy’. So what makes JUST EAT different from the many other businesses just like it? Well for starters, most students living down Smithdown Road will notice in takeaway windows that the majority of these establishments are registered with JUST EAT. Furthermore, with the website so easy to use and create an account on, those takeaway nights have never seemed so simple. Another clever feature that the website uses is showing not only where you last ordered, but also the food itself that you ordered, giving the opportunity to leave a review if you so wish. This clever ruse entices me into ordering yet again every time I log in, with the delicious memory of the last meal I ordered. And with the listings of opening times of all takeaways...

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Cranks Great Student Sandwich Challenge – competition

Are you a budding foodie eager to show off your innovative ideas? Cranks have got a competition open to each and every one of you at Liverpool University. Either as an individual or within a team, Cranks are asking you to come up with a design of a brand new vegetarian sandwich filling. The winner will get their very own sandwich produced for all to purchase, plus the tasty extra of £500 in vouchers. But hurry, because the competition closes on Friday 22nd November! Interested? Read on to find out more information from Cranks themselves… Could you tell us a bit of extra information on your company that people might not know about you? Cranks started life as a vegetarian restaurant on Carnaby Street, London, in the heart of the swinging 60s. Today, the Cranks restaurant continues to serve up fresh, wholesome and tasty food in Totnes, Devon.  The Cranks brand also has range of breads, sandwiches, wraps and salads sold nationwide and made with the exact same ethos – ‘fresh, tasty, proper food’. Why did you decide on the company name ‘Cranks’?   We wanted to show that with our wholefood principles and vegetarian ethos we were different in a light hearted, humorous way! Why did you decide to create this competition? Cranks sandwiches are sold at Universities throughout the country, so is already a lunchtime staple for students. We wanted to develop a new sandwich to add to...

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