Author: Eoin McCall

Getting Pasta Lazy Attitude To Cooking

The Irish race has a strange fascination with the art of the great, epic, heroic failure. We’ll give it a bloody good go, but some strange circumstance beyond our control will invariably ruin it for everyone. See Thierry Henry’s handball denying us a place in the World Cup in 2009, see the Celtic Tiger blowing up in our faces, see the lads of 1916 for example. It was with an air of foreboding that I approached my first attempt at making an actual meal for myself. 20 years of age, I have been living away for home for the past...

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Lions’ Roar Was Little More Than A Squeak

Rugby is by far my least favourite of all the ball sports, but as Sports Editor of The Sphinx, it has been decided that I will be on safari with the Lions in New Zealand. By “on safari”, I mean I will rise at 8am twice weekly to watch the games in bed, because I don’t care enough about the sport to venture downstairs. It’s first important to remember that there’s about 8 countries in the entire world that play rugby seriously. Every 4 years, 4 countries combine to try and defeat New Zealand, South Africa or Australia. The four countries that make...

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Time To Grow Up

If history has shown us one thing it is that for the far-right to triumph it needs a divided Left that is too focused on petty infighting. You would hope that we would have collectively learned this lesson to counter what is fast becoming a right-wing dystopia. The Left should be putting up a united front, but hey-ho here we are having the pettiest of squabbles over who is more self-righteous. Well done lads, superb work, there are people actually dying. The way you help the most vulnerable people is by being in government; you cannot help anyone in opposition....

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