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Ireland Must Do Better

On 25th May, Ireland will hold a referendum on the eighth amendment of it’s constitution, which effectively bans abortion. The proposed legislation would allow for abortion “without specific indication” up to 12 weeks, and then extend the provisions of current legislation to give equal weighting to if the foetus would not be viable outside of the womb. Abortion is currently possible for Irish women, but it comes in the form of illegal and potentially dangerous abortion pills, or by travelling to Britain. Neither of which are cheap, by definition discriminating against those on lower incomes. Currently, up to 12 women a day...

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Royalty Is Mad

Every night I switch on the news and shake my head. A little more forcefully each night, and it is with regret that I must admit as the late great Father Ted Crilly announced: “Those Protestants, up to no good as usual”. Bit mad all this isn’t it? Bridebook have estimated the cost to be £32m. That’s an awful lot of money, and while technically Prince Charles is paying for the bulk of this and not the taxpayer, it still means the taxpayer is essentially footing the bill for some rich people getting married. I also find it weird that people...

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Free State Kitchen Review

Lovely weather we’re having at the moment isn’t it? Don’t listen to the loons who think Climate Change isn’t a thing. Winter started on the 1st of September and lasted until Summer started yesterday. I’m not 100% sure when I last saw a blue sky, so recent events have me giddy with excitement. So giddy in fact that I decided to eat outside. Having failed to get an outdoor spot at Free State Kitchen last night, I was even more determined. “We only have tables on our patio free at the moment guys” we were told by the helpful...

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Grand National Preview

“My Lovely, Lovely, Lovely horse running through the fields, where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind? I want to shower you with sugar lumps, and ride you over fences. Polish your hooves every single day, and bring you to the horse dentist. My Lovely Lovely, Lovely, Lovely Horse, you’re a pony no more.”  One of the many jewels of the sporting calendar, The Grand National, takes place tomorrow at Aintree, Liverpool. With forty runners and thirty fences, it would be easier to pick the lottery numbers than accurately predict the race. However, having said that, here...

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Why Jim Halpert Represents Everything Wrong In The World

Jim Halpert from the hit US version of ‘The Office’ is everyone’s ideal person, right? Lovely Jim, what a great guy. As the best account on Twitter @Dril famously described “the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: ‘there’s actually zero difference between good & bad things. you imbicile. you f**king moron.” Except the difference in this case is James Halpert. He’s a representation of everything bad in our god forsaken civilisation. My eyes too were closed to how bad he was, before being opened by this tweet, and then half-closed again in a cynical glare. The opening few...

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