Author: Erika Janus

Top 5 Cruelty Free Skincare and Beauty Products

A lot of people are now more conscious about purchasing from cruelty free brands, and around the world, people just like me are making little changes in hope to eventually see the day when all makeup, beauty and hair products are not tested on animals. It’s an unnecessary and cruel procedure, think about it, we don’t need makeup, it’s not life or death. But the reality for animals in the industry is that it IS life or death. So why do animals need to suffer in order for us to wear a bit of highlight? It HAS to stop...

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Winter Layering

With Autumn soon moving into winter, the Liverpool weather is only going to get colder, wetter and more ridiculously windy, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to pull out the parka just yet. Instead, we’ve layered up, to give you some outfit ideas to keep you inspired through to the end of term, no matter if you’re looking for something new to wear to Heebies or just want to up your style for those visits to the SJ. Beret – Vintage Kangol. Coat – Topshop. Shoes – Doc Martens. Shoes – Doc Martens. Dungarees – Topshop. All other, as...

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Best Beauty Advent Calendars of 2017!

There are so many beauty advent calendars being advertised and with December fast approaching decisions need to be made. Since most are quite pricey, I have narrowed the choice down to 5 of the more affordable ones (a Jo Malone one is 300 pounds!) I’ve based these on reviews from YouTube and also by my experience of other products produced by the brand. So have a look and maybe you’ll find one you fall in love with! Nyx ‘Lippie Countdown’ –  This calendar is £50 and includes 24 lipsticks, glosses and  velvet lip creams. It works out at around...

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‘North: Identity, Photography, Fashion’ at the Open Eye Gallery

Open Eye Gallery has been celebrating all things northern with an innovative exhibition titled North: Identity, Photography, Fashion.  Running until 31st March, the exhibition has attracted attention nationwide and has been lauded by fashion critics from The Guardian to Vogue for its recognition of an often forgotten, overlooked place in the fashion landscape. The exhibition covers the influence of the North and its culture in fashion, music and photography, citing its influence both in British designers such as the Liverpool born Christopher Shannon, to those on a global scale such as Belgian born Raf Simons or Off-White’s Virgil Abloh who...

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