Author: Georgia Carly

Who will win Eurovision 2018?: The predicted top 5

Whilst Eurovision is never complete without Graham Norton’s commentary, inherent politics (welcome back Russia) and a catastrophic British defeat, this year there is actually a great line-up of songs too. Since I could talk about so many songs after listening to the Eurovision playlist for literally weeks on end, I decided to narrow down my discussion to the bookmakers top five favourites to win- for the benefit of everyone’s sanity. 5) Elina Nechayeva- La Forza (Estonia) La Forza, or ‘The Strength’, is Estonia’s entry to this year’s competition and is sung in Italian. The song is a strange mixture...

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Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo in Blue | Album Review

Sunflower Bean’s new album screams eclectic, mixing together sounds that are reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, Blondie and Haim to perfectly encapsulate the genre of “angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion”- and yes, that is a quote from 10 Things I Hate About You. If an album’s first song determines the tone of the album, then ‘Burn It’ works to make this album simultaneously anger-fuelled and yet, in a way, strangely happy. Like Paramore’s ‘After Laughter’, dark lyrics combined with upbeat instrumentals keeps this song interesting, and ultimately stops it from entering Spotify’s ‘Sad Songs’ playlist anytime soon....

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Spotify Christmas Playlists: Could this year be your Hip Hop Christmas?

Can Christmas ever be complete without a yearly dosage of ‘Last Christmas’, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and ‘Fairytale Of New York’? These Christmas classics have been on our minds for years- and for those who are just a bit fed up of them, there is a shame in admitting it. Confessing that you’re not the biggest fan of Mariah Carey’s Christmas song is dangerous- your friends and family may never treat you in the same way again. So, it’s completely understandable if you read this and pretend to your friends you haven’t, the important thing is...

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