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Two Liverpool teams make Debating quarter finals

Liverpool Debaters reach Manchester IV quarter finals Two teams from Liverpool Debating Union and a judge made the quarter finals at Manchester IV 2014 in their most successful weekend yet. Liverpool MB (Natalie Burles and Nissim Massarano) broke 15th to the quarter finals in Manchester, in what has so far been the most successful year yet for Liverpool Debating Union. This is the second break this year for Natalie and Nissim as a team, and the third for Nissim, who broke at Swansea Open 2014 the weekend prior to Manchester and competed at both the European Championships and the World Championships on behalf of the society. Also making the quarter finals was Liverpool FC (Alistair Craig and Elle Fleming), who also made the novice finals, but couldn’t compete as they made the open quarters. Both Alistair and Elle are in their first year of university debating, and previously made the semi finals of NAMDA Novice 2013. Both teams were drawn into opposition for the debate with the motion “TH Supports the creation of women only economic zones in Saudi Arabia”, but were beaten off by four teams who made the semi finals, with one from Durham eventually winning the competition. In his first competition as a judge, Emilio Chiquito was chosen to judge the quarter finals, putting the icing on the cake for a great weekend for Liverpool Debating...

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Liverpool Young Greens launch 10:1 Campaign

Liverpool Young Greens to launch campaign for fair pay Students urged to sign “five pledges” petition On Wednesday February 26, Liverpool Young Greens will launch their campaign for a “fair pay campus”. The 10:1 Campaign is a national effort led by the Young Greens of England and Wales to produce a fairer campus. They are asking students to sign a petition to ensure the Vice Chancellor signs up to five key pledges which are: 1. To publish the wages of themselves and their highest paid management staff 2. To publish the ratio between themselves and the lowest paid workers 3. To commit to paying all workers a living wage (£7.45 per hour) 4. To commit to paying all contractors a living wage 5. To commit to working towards a ratio of 10:1 This launch follows the release of a report in October which ranked the University the 17th most unfairly paid university, and a series of higher education strikes throughout the year. The event will feature speeches from students and staff, including one from from National Young Greens Co-Chair Clifford Fleming on the campaign. There will also be refreshments provided. “A growing culture of entitlement and corruption” – Young Greens Co-Chair Liverpool Young Greens Co-Chair Ross Campbell said “The ever-increasing disparity in wages between upper management and regular employees in higher education is unsustainable, unethical, and symptomatic of a...

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Students Protest Against Student Debt Sell Off

Liverpool students protest “selling off” of student fees “We’ve raised attention to the issue to students in Liverpool and we’ll continue to do so.” – protest organiser On Wednesday 20th November, Liverpool students protested against the “sell off” of student fees as part of a national effort organised by the Student Assembly Against Austerity. The Liverpool protest, organised jointly by Counterfire Liverpool and Liverpool Young Greens, saw over 100 students signing a petition against the sell off of the student loan book, and numerous students joining in to protest on University Square throughout the afternoon. The move, announced in by the Government in June 2013, means that the student loan book is to be sold off to private companies. This is a further hit to students, who’ve already faced a hike in fees and the loss of EMA under the Coalition Government, especially when a secret report advertises to potential buyers that they can raise the interest rates retrospectively upon purchase. Member of the organising team and Megan De Meo said, “We’re glad that the protest went ahead as part of the national efforts  but we hope we’ve raised attention to the issue to students in Liverpool and we’ll continue to do so.” Protest efforts recognised nationally Liverpool’s efforts received national press attention with articles appearing in the Telegraph featuring quotes and pictures from the protest. Ross Campbell, who attended the...

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Societies join together for Sharing Activities Ball

On Wednesday 11th December, a group of Sharing Activity Societies will be joining together for the Sharing Activity Snowfall Ball.  Held in MODO and organised by the ARTS, Creative Writing, Debating and RPG societies, members will be treated to a live performance from University of Liverpool’s own Funk Soul Continuum, as well as a host of great food, drinks and entertainment to close of Semester 1 in style. They welcome both members and non-members to attend the evening, which looks to be one of the best nights of the social calendar. Societies can also get involved themselves by contacting either of the involved societies, or by emailing Hannah at Members of the above societies are being treated to discounted tickets at £5, with tickets for non members priced at £7. Tickets are on sale now at the LGoS...

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Liverpool Debaters make Semi-Finals of UK Debate Challenge

Liverpool Debating are celebrating after their first open break at the UK Debate Challenge on November 9th.  Having previously made the Semi-Finals of NAMDA Novice in October Liverpool Debating Union were already having a successful start to the year. Making the Semi-Finals of the UK Debate Challenge however, marks the first time that Liverpool Debating Union have broken in a non-novice competition or semi-final. Held in Nottingham Trent University, Natalie Burles and Nissim Massarano placed 6th in the Out-Rounds to reach the Semi-Finals. Natalie has previously reached the Semi-Finals of NAMDA Novice 2012 and the Novice Final of Leeds Open 2013, as well as the team being chosen to represent Liverpool Debating Union at the European Championships in Manchester in August 2013, coming 115th out of over 200 teams. The team will be representing Liverpool Debating Union at the World Championships in Chennai this December. President of Liverpool Debating Union Hannah Ellen Clare said “I’m so proud that our society, only formed in 2009 at the University of Liverpool, has come on so far. Not only are we continuing to achieve at competitions every time we go, we’re also bigger and better than ever. Congratulations to Nissim and Natalie and I look forward to seeing them do even better at Chennai Worlds.” Their attendance at both the European and World Championships is a first for Liverpool Debating Union, who’s...

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