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Liverpool Debaters in Semi Finals for Second Year Running

Liverpool Debating Union reached in the Semi Finals at the Northern and Midlands Debating Alliance Novice Cup on Saturday 26th October. Novice debaters Elle Fleming and Alistair Craig topped the tab and broke first to the semi finals on 11 points at the competition, this year held in Hull, narrowly missing out on a place in the finals. Elle Fleming also placed 2nd on the speaker tab, narrowly behind a speaker from Manchester.  They competed in the Semi Finals against Durham, Hull and Sheffield, with the motion ‘This House Believes That Conscription should be a War Crime’. Hull and Durham made the Semi Finals from their debate, along with Manchester and York from the other Semi-Final. Fellow teams, Liverpool CE and Liverpool ER, were also met with some success, with Liverpool CE (consisting of Emilio Chiquito and Leo Evans) missing the Semi Finals by seven speaker points. This follows a line of successes at the NAMDA competition for Liverpool Debaters, following a win in the competition in 2010 by Ben McSkelly and Max Morris, and a place in the Semi Finals last year by Natalie Burles and Niall O’Rourke. It also follows a rather successful start to the debating year for Liverpool Debating Union, following a close call at the UCL Presidents Cup on Saturday 12th October by Liverpool MF (Elle Fleming and Tessa McLaughlin) and SOAS IV on...

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University of Liverpool ranked 17th for unfair pay

  Staff at university expected to strike due to unfair contracts A report released today on Thursday 17 October, written by the Young Greens of England and Wales, shows the University of Liverpool to be the 17th worst university for a fair pay ratio between the Vice Chancellor and the lowest paid staff. With a wage of over £300k a year, and 38 members of staff with a wage of over £140k a year, the University beats Liverpool John Moores (44th) and other high flying universities like Durham (33rd) and the London School of Economics (25th). Unlike some of the other high flyers however, the University of Liverpool pays no staff a living wage. This follows reports that staff at the university are due to strike due to unfair contracts, something also highlighted in the document. With the ratio between the Vice Chancellor and support staff being 22:1 at it’s highest, it appears that their concerns are justified. Young Greens press Vice Chancellor to reduce gap The report is written as part of the Young Greens’ Fair Pay Campus Campaign, working to reduce the ratio between the highest and lowest paid workers in universities throughout the country.  It asks the Vice Chancellor to commit to five campaign pledges which are: 1. To publish the wages of themselves and their highest paid management staff 2. To publish the ratio between...

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Doctor Who Missing Episodes Discovered!

Last Friday, the BBC revealed something which many Doctor Who fans never expected to hear. The news that 11 of the previously 106 missing doctor who episodes have been found. While it would seem absurd now, with Doctor Who being one of the BBC’s flagship shows, many episodes from the first six years of the show are missing. Until 1978, the BBC would destroy rather than archive old programmes and over 250 episodes were wiped. Since then, efforts have meant that over half of the missing episodes have been returned to the BBC and restored through overseas sales and private collectors. The episodes, which include the complete ‘Enemy of the World’ serial and most episodes from ‘The Web of Fear’ serial, were found in Africa by Philip Morris (Director of Television International Enterprises Archive) after tracking shipping reports. Both serials feature the second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) alongside his companions James (Frazer Hines) and Victoria (Deborah Watling), with this discovery now leaving only 14 incomplete serials from his 3 year reign as the title character. The announcement follows rumours among the Doctor Who community that a large number of episodes had been returned to the BBC. This is the first find since the discovery of the first doctor’s ‘Galaxy Four’ and the second doctor’s ‘Underwater Menace’ was revealed at the BFI’s Missing Believed Wiped event in 2011. ‘Enemy of the World’...

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Students vote YES to Animal Research

Liverpool Debating Union’s Big Animal Research Debate proved another successful event for the society, with nearly 30 people in attendance to discuss the issues surrounding animal testing.  The debate, held on Tuesday 15th October, was held as part of the national Big Animal Research Debate project, organised by IDEA. Speaking for the proposition was NAMDA Novice Cup 2010 winner and PhD Student Ben McSkelly, with Niall O’Rourke, who broke to the novice finals of the Leeds Open 2013. On the opposition was Fraser Johns and Nissim Massarano, both members of the Liverpool Debating Union committee. Before the debate, a vote was held where 2 people agreed with the motion and 17 were against. Following the debate, 5 people agreed with the motion and 18 people were against (after more arrivals and some previous absentions) meaning that the motion before the house fell. The debate was livestreamed and can be watched back below. For more information on Liverpool Debating Union and what they do, please visit Their next public debate is due to be held on Tuesday 12 November.  [youtube][/youtube]...

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Local author Cath Bore to visit Creative Writing Society

On Monday 21 October, local author Cath Bore will be holding a talk at the Creative Writing Society. Held during their usual meeting time of Mondays between 7-9pm in the McAusland Lounge, LGoS, the society are hosting their first in what they hope to be a series of talks with authors. Cath Bore is a crime writer who is currently between agents and working on her first novel, Black Milk. She will be mainly speaking about effective blogging, finding an agent and entering writing competitions and is offering budding writers the chance to ask her any questions surrounding a writing career. Society President Elle Fleming said, “We’re so excited to have Cath coming to speak to us. We’re a relatively new society, and we couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect to kick off what we hope to be a series of author talks this year.” The event is free to attend, with no booking necessary. If you have any questions you can email To find out more about Cath, you can visit her website at Creative Writing Society host weekly writing sessions on Monday evenings, as well as posting blog prompts on their blog. They published their first anthology, Words from the Little Birds last...

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