Author: Jess Shaw

International Men’s Day gains its ‘greatest support’ ever

Saturday 19th November is International Men’s Day, which began over two decades ago. The date forms part of a month dedicated to events and campaigns addressing issues affecting men, such as suicide, domestic violence and the portrayal of men in the media. Though the Liverpool Guild ran no events to celebrate IMD this year, the event gains traction in many countries across the world. It aims to provide information and support to vulnerable men; through spreading awareness of these issues, International Men’s Day hopes to encourage men to speak up and feel more comfortable sharing their problems. The event has garnered much attention on social...

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ – Album Review

In the three weeks since its release, already ‘Joanne’ has caused division between critics and fans alike. Far from the outlandish outfits and the bold nature of her previous albums, Gaga ditches the electronic, upbeat pop music that catapulted her to fame for a more sombre country record. Almost. Named after a paternal aunt who died of lupus before she was born, Lady Gaga explores the theme of loss in many of her tracks. ‘Diamond Heart’ details the ruin of her innocence in her formative go-go dancing days, ‘Angel Down’ is commemorative of the tragic death of black teenager Trayvon...

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Adam Curtis’ ‘HyperNormalisation’ – Review

“Welcome to the post truth world. You know it’s not real. But you accept it as normal.” BAFTA award winning filmmaker Adam Curtis is back and he is ready to uncover more corruption of Western politics after the critical success of his 2015 film ‘Bitter Lake’. In a mammoth 3 hour long documentary, Curtis explores the slow dissolution of political power in the west, the disturbing lengths that governments will go to to retain that power, and how we as a society nonchalantly allow this to take place. ‘HyperNormalisation’ takes topics of gravitas – such as the war on...

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Brexit and the Flash Crash: what we have lost so far

In the wake of a tumultuous week for the pound, British manufacturer Unilever reveals its intention to increase the prices of its products by 10 per cent. This means that household favourites such as Pot Noodles, Marmite and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream could now cost each consumer as much as an extra 40p. Other companies are expected to follow suit following a rise in the costs of imported goods. This is owing to sterling suffering its largest decline in 31 years and plummeting in value against the euro and the US dollar. In some airports, the value of...

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