Author: Heather Fallon

Bongo’s Bingo Welcome Week Special!

Bongo’s Bingo is bingo but better. With big cash prizes, impromptu raves, dance offs and sometimes dildos, Bongo’s Bingo is a student experience that has to be done. Unfortunately for most, tickets for Bongo’s Bingo at its usual venue (The Camp and Furnace) are almost completely sold out until Christmas due to its extreme popularity. But fear not, as it has been announced that on the 24th of September, at Mountford Hall, Bongo’s Bingo will be doing a welcome week special! Tickets cost £10 and will be sure to sell out as quickly as ever, so be sure to grab your friends...

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Review/Recap

Warning, Spoilers ahead… Game of Thrones is always able to build certain expectations and subvert them, and that was well and truly achieved in this episode. Long awaited reunions and meetings were done in unexpected and surprising ways, and whilst this episode didn’t pack the punch it could have, it was certainly an iconic episode in terms of reunions and revelations. The episode kicks straight in with one of the most anticipated moments in GoT history, the subject of so many fan fictions and theories – Jon and Daenerys finally meeting. I think many would have expected these characters...

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Review/Recap

Warning, spoilers ahead.  In contrast to the first episode, the second instalment of season 7 began slowly, and built up to a dramatic climax. The episode ended with bloodshed and drama, but whilst some interactions may have seemed slightly bizarre or even pointless, they certainly set in motion important moments for later in the season. The episode ‘Stormborn’ begins with a call back in Westerosi history, to a storm at Dragonstone reminiscent of Daenerys’ birth (hence one of her many titles: ‘Daenerys Stormborn’). Fans who are committed enough to know the trivia of Roberts rebellion (events which are discussed...

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Game of Thrones Season 7: Episode 1 Review

[Caution! Spoilers ahead] Winter is finally here! With Season 6’s finale episode ‘The Winds of Winter’ airing on the 26th of June 2016, it has been all too long since viewers have gotten their latest Game of Thrones fix, and this much anticipated episode did not disappoint. Whilst many of the opening episodes of a new season are generally considered slow moving, this episode started off at a fast pace, and while it faltered towards the end, overall it was an excellent introduction to Game of Throne’s seventh season. The opening scene was utterly fantastic and a great premise to what...

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You could win a free meal at the Sphinx bar just by registering to vote

As if having a say in your future for the next five years was not enough, the Liverpool Guild of Students is running a competition to win a free meal at The Sphinx bar, if you can prove you have registered to vote. Today – Monday 22nd of May – is the final day to register to vote in the upcoming General Election. To enter the Guild’s competition, simply register to vote, then send a screenshot of your confirmation to the Guild’s twitter account. It is particularly important that young people vote: according to The Guardian, approximately 75 percent...

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