Author: Heather Fallon

Law students could face disciplinary action over offensive Facebook group

Law students yesterday received an email from Professor Michael Dougan, regarding a ‘Facebook Group’ which has been posting offensive, ‘sexually explicit’ and ‘misogynistic’ messages about staff at the University. According to one source, the group is a Facebook group chat comprising mostly of first-year law students. The email describes it being made up of ‘several hundred’ law students. All students involved have been advised to ‘disassociate’ themselves from the group which at best will damage their academic reputation and at worst involve criminal liability if found guilty of sexist or homophobic abuse. Posting anything considered abusive on social media...

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Students left confused after emails mistakenly sent

  Students have been left confused after a series of bizarre emails were sent to students, including undergraduate and graduate Medical students as well as English students and likely many more. These courses include Ocean Sciences, Ecology and Marine Biology, in relation to the University ‘Applicant Discovery Day’ for hopeful college students looking to study at the University. Emails were then quickly sent to the affected students apologising for the error, which is said to have been due ‘to an error within our communications system’. The second email may come as a relief to confused students who thought their courses had...

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Trump: more than just an orange face

On Tuesday, the world waits with baited breath to discover who will become the next President of the United States. There is Hillary Clinton, potentially the ultimate example of cronyism, with persisting allegations over emails and on the other hand – Donald Trump. To many, he is a sort of horrifying caricature, with a tangerine face and ridiculous haircut shouting strange repetitive rhetoric which is both perplexing and shocking. Whilst neither nominee is exactly a dream candidate, it seems clear that Hillary Clinton is the lesser evil. Once you move past the mesmerising idiocy of Donald’s hand gestures and babble, it is important to realise that...

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Government rejects bid which could further increase student rent

During a meeting in September, Liverpool City Council put forward a motion which aimed to mitigate major cuts to council funding. The motion would give the council powers to make student landlords pay business rates. On the 11th of October, the government rejected the bid amid firm opposition. There were mounting fears that it would only increase student rent prices, and the tax would be absorbed by students rather than student landlords. Many students are already struggling to pay rent and are often forced to take up part-time jobs and apply for further loans, saddling them in more debt and...

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Liverpool University printing costs reduced after student survey

Following a response from the National Student Survey, printing costs have been reduced dramatically, up to ‘almost 50% on previous rates’. Printing a single page of A4 paper will now cost 3.5 pence and 6 pence for a double-sided sheet. The further reductions on double-sided paper is in an attempt to encourage environmental sustainability among students. This price reduction occurred at the start of September after a survey suggested students were unhappy with the price of printing at the University. It is possible to understand why students felt so aggrieved. When compared to other Universities in Liverpool printing costs are very...

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