Author: Holly Benning

How to cure a hangover- Before and after tips

Drink a little too much last night? Before you grab a greasy fry up, painkillers and a very strong cup of coffee, have a read of the hangover remedies we have found that might actually work! There are lots of myths on how to prevent or deal with a hangover, but do any of them actually work? There are some really strange hangover cures out there, in Ireland a famous method is to bury your friend up to their neck in wet sand in order to stop hangover symptoms. Other hangover cures include breathing in the smoke of a coal...

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Top 10 easy meals for uni students

Students are famous for their reliance on cheap takeaways, ready meals and of course pot noodles. We live a hectic, fast-paced and sometimes impulsive lifestyles, that can at times allow us to neglect the food we should be eating. If you are starting your first year at university,  make sure you’ve learnt to cook the essential meals to keep fit and healthy, after all the studying and nights out partying. But if your culinary skills are yet to be perfected, then here are our favourite student recipes that are suitable to any cooking ability and are sure to help you...

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Attention all coffee lovers

Students are renown for their love of good coffee and their habit of sitting in quirky little coffee shops for hours. But what is our fascination with this tasty and slightly addictive drink fuelled by? It might be the city lifestyle; the cosy comforts of a warm beverage or maybe even the fine coffee art that are becoming more and more impressive everyday. So much so, that now there is an official World Latte Championships. Who knows, in your spare time at University you could pick up this new hobby and enter 2018’s competitive Championship (although you may need a little...

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National Ice-Cream Month

July is a favourite month for many – the long sunny days, beach trips and exotic holidays; but who knew it was also the month to celebrate all things ice-cream! Our love for ice-cream falls on most days of the year, but for the month of July we can devote ourselves to the appreciation of such a deliciously dreamy invention. National Ice-Cream Month was established by former President of the United States Ronald Reagan and the American Dairy association, showing just how important this frozen favourite really is to us all. It is the perfect time of year to gorge in whatever flavour takes...

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This season’s beauty wish list

Every summer we are treated to a delight of bright lipsticks, shimmering highlighters and standout lashes. So here at The Sphinx we imagine everyone’s beauty wish lists are slowly expanding, leading to inevitable unnecessary beauty spending. We have searched high and low to round up the top ten beauty favourites of the summer season to help you lot out! Whether it’s to add a little sass to your summer outfits, smooth out your sun kissed skin or make your cheeks sparkle with shimmering illuminators, look no further than your trusty beauty guide found right here. Benefit’s ‘High Beam’ is an absolute...

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