Author: Holly Benning

Santa Maluco Rodízio Pizzeria Review

Santa Maluco revealed their eagerly awaited Vegan Monday menu to their hungry customers on Monday 16th October. After already introducing Liverpool residents to their Brazilian twist on pizza, now they are offering an ‘all you can eat’ style of dining too! Any pizza lover will love the exciting flavours and toppings that Santa Maluco are creating, especially when every slice of pizza seems effortless. The staff are incredibly attentive, genuinely friendly and passionate about their restaurant and food. There was definitely no waiting around in this place, the service was very fast and the food arrived even faster. There is a lively...

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This Halloween, Malibu have released their very own Halloween-themed cocktails that are foolproof to make, and perfect for a spooktacular party that will be unforgettable! It’ll definitely be a treat this year with these quick and easy recipes, which can either be made at home, or ordered at selected bars if you are heading into town! Malibu 1ltr bottles are available on sale at Asda RRP £14, and at Nisa the 70cl bottles are available at RRP £11.What’s not to love about these scarily good cocktails and deals that will add a little spook to your Halloween bash! Pumpkin Colada – 50ml...

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The Sphinx’s vegan guide to Liverpool

Being a vegan or vegetarian in Liverpool just got a whole lot more exciting, with all of the best vegan restaurants serving up modern, homemade and delicious dishes right on our door step!  Sometimes choosing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can prove tricky when it comes to venturing out into the culinary world of restaurants. But, with a new popularity around vegan choices developing, more restaurants are offering an alternative for non-meat-eaters which is making us all very happy. Maguire’s Pizza Bar is one of my favourite places to visit in the city, so much so I have already written...

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How to cure a hangover- Before and after tips

Drink a little too much last night? Before you grab a greasy fry up, painkillers and a very strong cup of coffee, have a read of the hangover remedies we have found that might actually work! There are lots of myths on how to prevent or deal with a hangover, but do any of them actually work? There are some really strange hangover cures out there, in Ireland a famous method is to bury your friend up to their neck in wet sand in order to stop hangover symptoms. Other hangover cures include breathing in the smoke of a coal...

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Top 10 easy meals for uni students

Students are famous for their reliance on cheap takeaways, ready meals and of course pot noodles. We live a hectic, fast-paced and sometimes impulsive lifestyles, that can at times allow us to neglect the food we should be eating. If you are starting your first year at university,  make sure you’ve learnt to cook the essential meals to keep fit and healthy, after all the studying and nights out partying. But if your culinary skills are yet to be perfected, then here are our favourite student recipes that are suitable to any cooking ability and are sure to help you...

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