Author: Holly Benning

Maguire’s Pizza Bar Restaurant Review

Maguire’s Pizza Bar is the ultimate pizza venue for veggies, vegans or those who are gluten free. Whatever your preference there is something on the menu that will please your taste buds. The best part about this little food heaven is that you don’t have to order a whole pizza, they sell pizza in slices. So if you need a quick snack before a night out, a tasty interval in a shopping trip or are simply enjoying an evening with your friends, Maguire’s Pizza Bar really does offer you the very best. It is a relaxed and causal pizza bar full of character...

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Royal Desserts: Buckingham Palace’s first teatime cookbook

Have you ever dreamed of having tea with the Royal family or learning how to bake the poshest of puddings? If you answer was ‘yes’ then you’ll be excited to know that the Royal Collection Trust is releasing the palace’s first official teatime cookbook, Royal Teas: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace. The talented author is Royal Chef Mark Flanagan, he has been making the traditional tea at Buckingham Palace for over a decade. The book explores the tradition across the seasons from summer garden parties to festive teas, whatever your fancy. Get ready to rush out and grab this perfect gift for you or a friend when it’s...

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A beginner’s guide: Risotto

If you are looking for a quick and simple recipe to follow in order to make a delicious and impressive meal then look no further. This chicken and bacon risotto is surprisingly easy, with the step by step guide it is perfect for any student’s cooking abilities. The taste is rich and flavourful, you will definitely be going back for seconds. Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts 1 onion/shallots diced finely cup of risotto rice 4 strips of bacon chopped 1 chicken stock cube 2 cubes of butter glass of dry white wine Method: Begin by chopping the chicken into chunks and dice...

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What’s cooking? Bar & Grill: Restaurant Review

What’s Cooking? Bar & Grill is the longest serving restaurant in the Albert Dock and a vital contributor to the area’s successful revitalisation. It is situated with a beautiful and iconic view, overlooking Three Graces. The atmosphere was relaxed and it didn’t feel overcrowded but it was quite busy, showing it’s popularity. The decor was modern and centred around pop culture creating an up-dated and independent looking bar and grill. There was an excellent selection of music playing quietly in the background, adding to the atmosphere and feel of the place. The staff were friendly and welcoming, our food...

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Food trends: mocktails

Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of food trends that are either here to stay or quickly fade away. The latest one to hit the scene is cutting out alcohol from our diet as a natural step in a healthy direction. Life can be just as good when we reframe our relationship with alcohol. Swapping your vodka and coke for an ice tea may not sound like a big deal for many. But not drinking in social situations when you are use to having a drink permanently in your hand is difficult for lots of people. The new fashionable sober scene is...

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