Author: Holly Benning

Panam Bar and Restaurant Review

Panam is a rustic and quaint little bar and restaurant found in the prime location of the Albert Dock close to Echo Arena and the shopping centre. It offers a beautiful view from both the ground and first floor of the restaurant over the docks. The contemporary bar offers a delicious myriad of choices of starters, mains and desserts. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly and it wasn’t too busy so there was no overcrowding. The staff were incredibly welcoming and had a quick service regarding both the bill and food. It appeared all very clean and updated, with a free...

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The Edit: Campus Fashion

Whether students’ tastes are cutting-edge loose-fitting culottes, calf-length skirts, urbanely preppie blazers or 90s themed bomber jackets and trainers, the one thing is for sure the style bar has definitely been raised. The stereotype of university students living in sweat pants and not caring about what they wear is very different today. Students arriving for their 9 a.m. lectures in trench coats over their pyjamas isn’t quite the norm anymore. So, myself and the fashion team decided to go out and discover our favourite styles out on campus. Ben Coleman is a second year student studying Classical studies. We instantly...

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The top five mug cakes

The humble microwave mug cake has become very popular and is an easy and cheap way of satisfying those sweet cravings. These indulgent little treats can be made in a matter of minutes which makes it the perfect dessert for any university student. A mug cake is made using all the regular ingredients of a traditional homemade cake, it requires few pieces of equipment and measurements are typically given in spoonfuls. Here are my top five mug cakes which you will absolutely love, along with the ingredients and methods. Plus there’s barely any washing up to do! Any of these recipes can be altered...

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Interview With a Vegetarian

In the past few years, vegetarianism has increased in popularity so much it has become the new norm. Many people change to a meat free diet for cultural, religious, ethical or health reasons but whatever the excuse this trend has definitely grabbed our attention. If you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian then this article explains all the dos and dont’s involved in making this big lifestyle change. The interviewee Lucy Coles gives us her opinions on the topic and all the relevant information required. How long have you been a vegetarian for?  I have mostly been a vegetarian my whole life,...

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Spring time desserts

Finally, it’s spring time! With this collection of bright, tasty and fresh bakes and desserts, you’ll get all your flatmates indulging in their sweet favourites. A mixture of traditional and modern takes which are all flavourful and definite crowd-pleasers. Try this modern twist as an alternative to a classic bread and butter pudding. This recipe is perfect for using up the left over hot cross buns from the easter holidays, it serves four people and only takes approximately fifty minutes to make. It is the ideal foolproof pud that the whole family can tuck in to. Ingredients: 4 hot cross buns, sliced...

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