Author: Holly Benning

Punch Tarmey’s Liverpool

The launch of Punch Tarmey’s Liverpool leads the way for themed pubs inside the famous Cains Brewery on Stanhope Street, Baltic Triangle. A newbie on the food and drink scene since the launch in August, the live sport, warm family-friendly atmosphere and thriving night life makes for an exciting and promising bar for all. They will also be hosting brewery tours. Located at Cains Brewery Company, the Punch Tarmey’s can host an impressive number of guests, up to a thousand, in their unique 15,000 sq ft space. The Irish inspired venture by Mikhail Leisure celebrates the very best of Irish...

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Bongo’s Bingo Sunday Brunch | Review

Be prepared for an absolute bonkers afternoon of fun. We arrived at Camp and Furnace at 12:30pm on a Sunday to a crowd of students, hen parties, birthday parties… everyone you can imagine. We were given our wrist bands, bongo’s bingo game card and a special raffle ticket which we were told to keep hold of until the end of the event. One free hour of prosecco was more than happily welcomed by three smiling writers as the waiting staff came around to top up our glasses. The giant fluffy clouds suspending from the ceiling and fairy lights hanging...

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Two of Liverpool’s Restaurants have made it in the UK’s Top 100

Liverpool’s food and drink scene has been growing in recent years with an increased focus on veggie and vegan foods, more authentic and local restaurants as well as lots of modern quirky bars. The city has become a foodie’s idea of heaven with top restaurants popping up all over the city. The Times released its Top 100 restaurants in the UK this week and two of Liverpool’s most popular restaurants have found their way onto the competitive list. Wreckfish Bistro located on Slater Street only opened a year ago making it a newbie on the cuisine scene. The Wreckfish...

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A Simple Favour | Film Review

A chilling and at times confusing narrative that explores the life of the allusive character that is Emily played by Blake Lively. Stephanie, played by Anna Kendrick, the overly chipper mother who always likes to be ahead of the game finds herself in awe of Emily’s extravagant lifestyle to then become tangled in all the secrets Emily has hidden for years. The film delves into the twisted lives of both leading female characters as they find themselves to be the most unusual of friends. The squeaky-clean impression Stephanie fools others with is not quite as simple as she would have you...

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Society Profiles: Meet VegSoc

“Hello and welcome to the Vegetarian and Vegan Society, or as we usually go by, VegSoc. Whether you are a devote vegan or thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan, this society is for you! It’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people, eat food, campaign and learn more about our planet and current issues!” What’s new this year?  This year VegSoc is investing in environmentally friendly membership cards which entitle members to great discounts at a selection of vegetarian/vegan restaurants and shops, along with priority/discounted tickets to all events hosted by the society. There will also be a guaranteed...

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