Author: Beth Blandford

Celebrate World Gin Day this Saturday at The Botanical Garden!

If you’re looking for yet another excuse to sink down a few Nigel-beverages following exam season, then head down to The Botanical Garden this Saturday 10th June to celebrate World Gin Day! Whether you’re a Martin Miller’s-with-a-wedge-of-grapefruit-and-tonic kinda person, or you have no idea what any of that means and just like a g&t, The Botanical Garden will have a set up you can’t refuse. The Botanical Garden is cosily situated in the back-streets of the Baltic Triangle, a popular spot for those seeking a new side to Liverpool beyond the bustle of Concert Square. Almost a stones throw away...

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10 Illustrators You Should Follow on Instagram

Credit: With Instagram becoming a hot-bed for commercial potential and talent-scouting, it’s no wonder so many young and old illustrators are choosing this social media platform to broadcast their work. Artists’ Instagram pages have become a kind of artwork in themselves, presenting us with a new type of gallery, where value is based on followers, likes and comments. It can be hard to steer away from Instagram’s large supply of ‘educational’ videos on ‘how to squat correctly’ or ‘how to eat carbs the RIGHT way’ – apparently with a fork isn’t the answer. Despite this type of content, Instagram also...

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International Women’s Day on Campus: Strike4Repeal

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day – this year, men and women are being encouraged to take stand against the Irish government’s anti-abortion policy. Strike4Repeal is a strike action that took place yesterday in Ireland, the UK and New York City. The strike was sparked by the Irish government’s refusal to call a referendum and repeal the 8th Amendment. In Strike4Repeal’s own words, “in October of last year, thousands of people in more than 60 cities in Poland went on strike to protect their access to abortion, and won”. Strike4Repeal’s methods are based on this victory and hope to...

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Crystal Fighters at the O2 Academy – A Review

Last Friday London’s Crystal Fighters ventured up North to grace Liverpool’s O2 Academy with their Basque folk instruments and drum loops, heavy synths and passionate vocals. As the lights came up, the band was revealed to be dressed in their flowing, embroidered garments with vines full of leaves entwined around the microphones. Without much of a vocal introduction, the band kicked off the set with one of their older songs, Follow. Infected with the uplifting atmosphere Crystal Fighters brought to the venue, the audience soon transformed into a synchronised wave of energy, blissfully soaking up every lyric. With a backstory of the band’s...

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ItalFresh Canteen Launch Party with Levi Tafari: Plant-Based Food

ItalFresh are a couple who run a vegan ‘Supper Club’ where they take bookings, invite people into their home and cook wonderful and unique vegan meals for their guests. These meals range from Caribbean-style jerk beetroot with quinoa n peas to pan-Asian crisp tempura tofu and rainbow pho. ‘Ital’ food is eaten by Rastafarians’ and only uses ingredients that are grown in the earth naturally, this includes no meat, no shellfish, no chemicals etc. ItalFresh en-corporate this wholesome approach to food into a new menu each month, inspired by a place that they may have visited. Next Thursday at...

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