Author: Nina Mason

LUDS Write Night- 10th March 2017

Write Night, as the name suggests, is the bringing to life of written pieces for just one night each semester. This event is hosted and curated by the Liverpool University Drama Society, who write and perform a collection of original works. The latest Write Night followed its own tradition by delivering entertaining and original stories featuring washed-up play directors with metaphysical hammers, a scandalous teenage marriage and Moby Dick out of water.  The nine sketches performed were certainly a colourful mix, encompassing moments of comedy and powerful emotion. Amongst the lineup was ‘Marriage a la Mode’ by Phyllis Brighouse, which proved...

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Ziferblat – A Review

ZIFERBLAT – A REVIEW Hidden amongst a string of eating outlets and mainstream coffee shops, in the Albert Dock, if you look hard enough you will stumble across a small glass-fronted place with the name ‘Ziferblat’ painted in bold white lettering across its windows. At a brief glance, Ziferblat is easy to overlook; nestled between the glittering goodies of a jewellery shop and the bold red and blue displays of a tourist souvenir emporium. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys a cup of tea in a homely living room set up, then perhaps the comfy red armchairs huddled...

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Creative Writing Society’s Big Book of Curiosities

Every Monday at eight o’clock, peculiar things unfold and an array of stories are told, passing from ear to ear around the tables of the guild’s Harold Wilson room, worming their way off the pages of notebooks that belong to the colourful characters and comedians of the wonderfully weird Creative Writing Society. On each of these nights, two prompts are given to spark our imaginations, or at the very least, bore us to such a degree that we are inspired to write something entirely unrelated… There is a lot to be done with twenty-five minutes- this is something you learn once...

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‘The Creative Process’ – A documentary about art

Taking a stroll through the Courtyard or The Sphinx during a weekday, you are likely to stumble across the long coated and extravagant character of avid comic book fan- Jordan Casstles, habitually typing away on his purple Apple Mac laptop. Routinely creating utopian futuristic worlds and figures steeped in the influence of comic book legends such as Trashman and The Invisibles, it was Jordan’s colourful and inventive approach to writing that caught the attention of upcoming indie film director Ryan Garry, at a dinner for members and friends of the Liverpool Athenaeum. On a chilly February...

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Top 10 Film Soundtracks of All Time

  10. Tron (2010)  Composed by funky electro duo Daft Punk, these glitchy synthesised songs with a heavy bass perfectly reflect the sleek cityscape visuals of the alternate cyber universe that is Tron. For anyone who already appreciates the work of this helmet-clad pair, this soundtrack is a great marrying of the electronic roots of their music with the computer-game based concept for the film.                               9. Clockwork Orange (1972) Monte Cross revamps some classical pieces, giving them an electronic vibe in Stanley...

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