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Deliveroo Deliveries and Other Bargains!

If you’re staying in Liverpool during the revision season and you don’t want to cook, you may fancy a takeout. However, you may not be willing to be pay lots of money for the expensive delivery charges that certain companies offer. Sphinx Student News have put together a list of  some of the best places to order food on Deliveroo, which have great discounts and/or meal deals. *Both meal deals and discounted food offers can all be purchased on Deliveroo* Discounts   Yard Bird    Image: Yard Bird is an ‘American- styled’ fried chicken diner in the heart of...

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Luxury Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re still looking for the perfect Easter Egg this year, a classic chocolate Easter egg will never disappoint. The Sphinx Student News has rounded up a few of our favourite luxury chocolate Easter Eggs, to make sure your Easter is both sweet and classy! 1. The Exquisite Bird Cage Easter Egg, £14.99 Image: This Easter Bird Cage comes from Aldi and is only £14.99. It is a bargain as it fits into everyone’s price range. Furthermore, the concept of the egg is just beautiful as I believe the whole cage...

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