Author: Hannah Thompson

Spamalot: A Review

This popular west-end musical is exactly as it sounds…completely bonkers. Based on (or ripped off lovingly from) the classic movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the story follows King Arthur and his jolly band of knights on their quest for the Holy Grail. If you have ever seen the film then you’ll know just how random anything to do with Monty Python is, and this is no different. With its hilarious quips and cheeky innuendos, it is hard not to enjoy this bundle of weirdness. As a Monty Python fan, I had high expectations of Spamalot, and I have to...

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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games- A Review

If you only ever get to see one show directed by the dance legend that is Micheal Flatley, make sure that its this one. From start to finish this was jaw-droppingly good. Visiting the Empire as part of its UK tour, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games tells through dance the traditional story of good versus evil, told through the dreams of the Little Spirit,  with a struggle to claim the ultimate title of ‘Lord of the Dance’. The Lord’s head is turned from his true love Saoirse by Morrighan the seductress, with Erin the goddess translating the dances into...

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Ricky Gervais- A Man on a Mission

*WARNING: Contains pictures some may find distressing* Many of you may know him from his hilarious performances as Derek or David Brent, but recently Ricky Gervais has been hitting the  headlines for something entirely different. Last week the twittersphere went mad after keen animal rights activist Ricky tweeted a picture of female huntress Rebecca Francis grinning whilst lying next to a dead giraffe with the caption “What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & then lie next to it smiling?”   The tweet has since gone viral, inviting a barrage of comments from an...

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CASS Art host brand new launch event 25th-26th April

You may remember that a few weeks back a fresh new art shop CASS Art opened in Liverpool One, a haven for artists of all standards, young or old. Stocking materials of all kinds at amazing prices, the Liverpool branch has now been open to the public for just over a month, and is already proving to be a hit in the city. But now CASS Art has more to offer. Over the weekend of the 25th and 26th April, the store opens its doors to the public for an official launch event, giving the first 1,000 customers through the...

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Dirty Dancing comes to the Empire: A review

Dancing along past Lime Street, anyone would have thought I was totally bonkers last night. But that’s how infectious this musical is. Dirty dancing isn’t just a show, its a whole experience, a definite must-see this April.  This iconic love story is on at the Empire until the 25th April, just one of the stops on its UK tour. The show is a real crowd-pleaser, hands-down the best choreographed show I have ever seen. Featuring all the popular songs such as ‘Do you love me?’, ‘Hungry eyes’ , ‘De Todo un Poco’ ‘Cry to me’ and of course the...

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