Author: Ian D. Hall

The Illegal Eagles, Gig Review. The Liverpool Empire Theatre.

[4_stars] Eagles may soar high but only really sadly tour seemingly sporadically now and despite finally coming together to produce one of the most acclaimed albums of 2007 in Long Road Out Of Eden, it   really doesn’t look as if it is going to be an ongoing concern for the band. Thankfully then for fans of the American band, The Illegal Eagles always seem to step up to the plate and deliver a set worthy of the illustrious band. There is of course always going to be a call for nostalgia and if the band you love more than almost anything in the world won’t come to you then the best thing is to make sure you are seated in the venue when the next best thing comes to town. Like Brit Floyd, The Illegal Eagles have no real equal in their ability to showcase the tunes that people are still desperate to hear, in some cases 40 years after they originally were released and in the Illegal Eagles, they really do come so very close to being as good as the object of everyone’s affection. Coming on stage to the theme tune of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was a clever and inspired choice. By lowering the guard ever so slightly the band began to let fly as soon as the theme music stopped and in the...

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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Theatre Review. The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool.

[4_stars] Cast: Neil Gore, Fine Time Fontayne. The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell should be considered one of the most important books of the last 100 years, no matter what your background is. First published in 1914, it shocked then as it still has the power to do so now. The adaptations for the stage have been equally well received and especially in Liverpool where in 2010 Howard Brenton’s adaptation and starring Finbar Lynch, brought the house down. Now The Lantern Theatre in Liverpool has showcased its own piece of writing heaven as Townsend Productions presented the play in a manner befitting the great man’s work. Unlike The production at The Everyman Theatre, this was a two hander, no mean feat for any play to take on but with the two exceptional actors of Neil Gore and Fine Time Fontayne at the helm, the show was fast, brutally honest and whilst dealing with the struggle of wealth, ownership and betrayal of the working man there was room enough for the simmering humour to escape and play on the thoughts of those attending the performance. The tight space was made even more claustrophobic as every single piece of prop that was used by the two as they changed characters at the drop of a hat was there ready in waiting, sometimes just enough out of sight to cause an...

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The Top Five Moments Of Amy Pond. The Best Ever Companion?

The departure of Amy (Amelia) Pond from the B.B.C. television series Doctor Who this Saturday will no doubt have the legion of fans of both the programme and the red-haired assistant looking forlornly at their collections of DVD’s in the next few months and wondering exactly where Amy Pond sits in the list of all time companions. Karen Gillan has portrayed the 11th Doctor’s companion since the first episode of her tenure and has become a firm favourite of many of the programme’s fans. From the moment that Matt Smith’s incarnation as the time travelling detective first popped his head out of the Tardis and saw the young Amelia Pond staring back at him, there has been an affinity between Doctor and companion that has rarely been seen on the programme which celebrates 50 years in 2013. What exactly has made Amy Pond or even Karen Gillan so special to the programme though? There have been many much loved companions over the years. For the generation that first came across the Doctor when the series was finally brought back to television in 2005, their first companion was Rose Tyler. Played by Swindon born Billie Piper, she made Rose a character that was both enjoyable to watch but also could match Christopher Eccleston’s wit. For older viewers the memory of feisty Australian air-stewardess Tegan Jovanka, played brilliantly by Janet Fielding,...

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Eric’s Announces Special Gigs For November.

Eric’s of Mathew Street have announced some of their new shows for November and the listing is enough to make music lovers in the city drool with anticipation. On November 8th Saint Saviour, Becky Jones (Ex-Groove Armada) will be performing at the legendary club. Becky has trodden an unconventional path towards artistic salvation. It hasn’t always been easy. It is a story that stretches from the workhouses of Dickensian London to the arena house concerts all over the globe. Throughout it all and with her spectral and hypnotic debut album, she may have emerged as one of the defining solo artists of her time. Aside from the genre-hopping musical thrills – are as much notable for her extravagant, theatrical costumes (Joan of Arc projections on the walls, exploding balloon full of petals) and set-ups as they are for her visceral stage persona. Two days later the extraordinary talented Sacramento native Julie Ann Baenziger, better known as Sea of Bees, will be bringing her beautifully idiosyncratic and effortlessly moving vein of off-kilter folk to the U.K. once again. This gig will be on the heels of her new single release Gone from her critically lauded sophomore album Orangefarben which was released earlier this year on Heavenly Recordings. Ben Ottewell is the singer/songwriter in the Mercury Prize winning Southport rock band Gomez. Last year he released his first solo album, Shapes...

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The Best Possible Taste: The Kenny Everett Story, Television Preview.

He was one of the most incredible talents on the B.B.C., a disc jockey who played Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody when no-one else would, a man whose television programme was one of the most over-the-top and comic like creations ever seen on prime-time television and much loved for it Sadly, he was a man whose life was taken far too early, as he succumbed to the virus that eventually took one of Britain’s favourite sons from his adoring fans. Kenny Everett was everywhere, on the radio, off the radio, it would hardly have been a surprise to have opened up the box and wires and transceivers to actually find him there as well. The much loved and missed man from the suburb of Seaforth, near Liverpool, is now going to have the honour of having ‘Auntie’ as he liked to call his employers, show a biopic of his life with his ex-wife and best friend Lee Middleton. The Best Possible Taste: The Kenny Everett story stars Oliver Lansley and Coronation Street’s Katherine Kelly will be portraying the madcap D.J. and his wife Lee and the time they spent together before Kenny Everett could no longer hide his true feelings or his sexuality. Kenny Everett first found fame in the early 60’s as a D.J. for the pirate radio station Radio London. He became friends with The Beatles and joined them...

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