Author: Dani Telford

The Games in the Eyes of the World’s Media

Critics may still, even now, try to dampen our post-Olympic euphoria with talks of ‘money better spent’ and let’s face it, darn right nit-picking rubbish. Their faith in the legacy wavering, as the country dips further into recession. Cries of biased coverage and ‘too much’ patriotism blinding the view of the real picture, has become unfounded in the wake of what has been hailed the greatest Games of all time. In fact, the world speaks for itself in printed form as papers hit the stands across the globe. Washington Post “The host country truly was Great Britain. London delivered...

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What Will We Do Now?!

And so, it ends. London 2012, which has given us two weeks of glorious and intoxicating entertainment, is no longer. The years of waiting and anticipating, the worrying of whether it can fulfill its potential, the nine BILLION pounds thrown into the project… Well, was it worth it? 1000% yes. In fact, the void which has now filled many a households leaves us asking the question… The LSMedia team pontificate over the recent events which have bequeathed us unbridled...

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Blade Runner makes Olympic History

Super Saturday was not just a day of medals, but one of historic significance as South African, Oscar Pistorius, otherwise known as the blade runner, became the first double amputee to compete in an Olympic Games when he ran in the 400 metre heat this morning. The four time para-Olympic champion was able to run alongside the athletes using his carbon-fiber blades, to finish second place with a time of 45.44 seconds. Fighting back criticisms of holding an unfair advantage due to the blades, Pistorius said, “People say I must have an advantage because my legs are lighter. But I’ve got...

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Shocking exit for St Kitts 100m sprinter Kim Collins

On the eve of the 100m heats, the former world champion Kim Collins was bizarrely dropped from his Country’s team for spending the night with his, wait for it… wife.   Collins is believed to have fallen out with the national Olympics committee from St Kitts & Nevis for an unauthorised trip away from the Olympic site. A spokesman for the St. Kitts and Nevis team said that Collins would not run in his heat after breaking team discipline rules by leaving the athletes village. An outraged Kim Collins took to twitter in an outburst that told his fans,...

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And IT IS Gold for Olympic Poster girl Jessica Ennis

After a tantalising performance in yesterday’s heptathlon events, with two personal bests, Jessica Ennis was set for gold as she entered the arena this morning. Super Saturday began with 25 medals up for grabs but our attention focused on the Olympic poster girl Jess, as she joined her competitors in the sand pit. The long jump saw a slow start from the Brit only jumping a 5.95m, though she had been struggling with her run-ups, incurring 7 fouls in 12 attempts during two previous competitions earlier this summer. So it was a great delight when the 26 year old...

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