Author: Isobel Hedley-Jones

The Rocky Horror Show at the Liverpool Empire | Review

Worth it for the crowd alone, this legendary musical does not disappoint. The plot is as hammy as ever, but the joy in the room is infectious. This production is great for followers of the show and for the uninitiated. The crowd is the first thing you notice when you go to see the Rocky Horror Show. The costumes, which vary in quality and accuracy, are impressive. They are a reminder of the massive cult following the show. The community spirit of the audience continues throughout the show, with the legendary shout-outs adding an extra dimension to the performance....

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Making the Glasgow Style | Review

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work is, in many ways, timeless, with his clean lines and expert use of shape and colour. The new exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery weaves through Mackintosh’s life and work, at each point giving the context of both his personal life and works that may have inspired him. This presentation allows both the unversed and the avid follower to fully appreciate the Glasgow Style. Mackintosh’s talents clearly shine in the variety of mediums he used to express himself, from the fittings he made for the Ingram Tearooms to his architectural drawings and later paintings. Particularly...

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Fame the Musical | Review

It is easy to see why Fame is returning to theatres for a 30th-anniversary tour. The musical is a celebration of youthful hopes and dreams that can still get people dancing in the aisles. For those not familiar with the premise, like the film, it follows a cohort of hopeful dancers, actors and musicians as they progress through performing arts school in 1980s New York City. However, the plot has been completely rewritten and the songs are different. But don’t worry the same trials, tribulations and joys of being a young person in New York City remain. The setting...

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