Author: James Hackett

My Carcinogen Filled Day

Is everything trying to give us cancer? There seems to be more and more news articles (*cough* daily mail *cough*) suggesting that pretty much everything in our modern way of life is carcinogenic. Could it be that some of these newspapers are trying to use sensationalist headlines about cancer as a shameless tool to get more readers? Not only do I think that this is insensitive to a lot of people suffering from cancer, and those who have lost loved ones to the disease, but I also think a large portion of what is reported is complete rubbish backed...

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Tattoo regrets become a thing of the past

The UK has rapidly become one of the most tattooed nations on the planet with an estimated 1 in 3 people having a tattoo. As a consequence of their increasing popularity many people have been left with regrettable reminders of their impulsivity, myself included. The current mainstay of tattoo removal is laser treatment which is extremely painful for both your skin and bank account with the end result looking like you’ve left the target area of skin in a frying pan full of crayons. I’ve often thought to myself “If only there was a magic cream that removed tattoos...

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