Author: James Caven

Final year and unsure what to do?

As a final year student, the end of my time at university is swiftly approaching. What was once a matter of how many years, or months, of my degree were left, has now become a matter of weeks. Scary. As many others will attest, whenever you tell someone you’re in your final year, the inevitable question comes up: “So, what are your plans for next year?” Like many others, I’m not too sure. However, I feel there’s no point being terrified, especially given that dissertation deadlines and final exams are looming. There are plenty of options open, which I...

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Necessity of EMA stressed by NUS report

Research carried out by the National Union of Students (NUS), as part of the ‘Pound in Your Pocket’ report, has found that 30% of all  students in further education have seriously considered leaving their course, and that 50% indicated that they regularly worried about not having enough money to meet their basic living expenses, such as rent and utility bills. The scrapping of EMA was announced by the coalition government in 2010 as part of a programme of wider spending cuts. At the time, Graham Stuart, Conservative chairman of the Education Select Committee, said the nation’s finances meant a...

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Election blog: International students

Following on from the issues of  communications, housing, and societies and their funding, this blog aims to take a quick look at international students, and what the candidates running for the Guild elections have to say on the matter. The University of Liverpool is home to a large number of EU and international students. In 2012, 11% of the university’s student population came from overseas. Connecting with international students is an issue which has been highlighted in this year’s election. At the Candidate Question Time, held last week, the question was asked: “How do you strengthen the connection and communication with international...

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Election Day Three Round up: Communications

After a fast-paced first couple of days, in which over 1,600 votes were cast, voting slowed notably today, reaching 1,743 this evening. This comes as no surprise, the weekend meaning a lack of students on campus, as well as due to the absence of the voting stations in the libraries. The gap between 4th and 5th place still remains remarkably close, currently resting at 1.45%, not having risen more than 1.5% since voting opened. As noted in yesterday’s round up, the overall turnout for last year was 5,471 votes. This year could well see the highest turnout yet. Today’s...

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Labour Students and Conservative Future go head-to-head in debate

Tuesday night saw the University of Liverpool Labour Students and City of Liverpool Conservative Future go head-to-head in a debate about economic policy, and which party is best to lead the country.The debate, which was held in the Liverpool Guild of Students, involved a panel which consisted of Labour Students’ Chairman James Coe, and Aaron Ellis from Conservative Future. Kevin Hickson, from the Politics Department, chaired. Outlining their beliefs in who is best to lead the country, James argued that the recent loss of the AAA credit rating, despite George Osborne’s fixation with it, showed a lack of plan....

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