Author: Jess Molyneux

Society Profiles: Meet the Help the Homeless Society

With a vast increase of homeless men, women and children apparent on our streets, there is still a lot of taboo surrounding homelessness and how to tackle it. Working closely with local charities such as The Whitechapel Centre, this student run society is dedicated to raising awareness and helping those living on the streets. If you’re determined to make a change, or simply interested in the cause, don’t hesitate to get involved with the Help the Homeless society! Established in 2013, Help the Homeless Society tries to help the continuing problem of homelessness in Liverpool and ease the plight of rough...

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Society Profiles: Meet the UoL Creative Writing society

Want to unleash your inner writer? The Creative Writing society brings together expressive and creative writers who want to improve and compare their craft in an inspiring environment – so why not put yourself out there? ‘We are a group full of fun and creative people who all share a passion for writing.’ ‘Our meetings use fun, inventive prompts to help members to improve and exercise their writing skills. There is always the option to share what you have written with other members and on our various social media profiles, but this is not mandatory. If you just want to...

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Society Profiles: Meet the Liverpuddly Cannons

As the generation who grew up familiar with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, some may argue that University is not so different from Hogwarts- moving away from home, being independent and trying new experiences. Whether you’re a member of the Harry Potter fandom, a lover of sports, or simply interested in venturing into something unique, why not ponder the idea of joining the Liverpuddly Cannons? ‘Established as an official University of Liverpool society in September 2016, the Liverpuddly Cannons are the only Quidditch team in Liverpool! Quidditch is an LGBTQ+ friendly, full contact, mixed gender sport based on the game from the Harry Potter series....

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Society Profiles: Meet Enactus

Affecting Change societies are extremely popular on Campus, giving students the opportunity to network and improve the standard of living for those in need. If this is of interest to you, and you also have a knack for entrepreneurial work, why not see what Enactus is all about! ‘Enactus Liverpool aims to create sustainable businesses for disadvantaged people around Liverpool and across the globe. Joining Enactus Liverpool will not only increase your employability by giving you a wealth of experience and expertise such as team work, project management and entrepreneurial skills, it will also allow you to make a...

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Society Profiles: Meet the Liverpool University Student Theatre

If you’re missing your school days performing all things musical theatre, just remember – the show must go on. If you fancy yourself a triple threat, and have a love for music, dance and drama, AND more – why not give LUST a go? ‘Liverpool University Student Theatre (LUST) allows all those with a passion for musical theatre to take part through performing, directing, producing, musical directing, choreographing and helping back stage. We encourage new and existing members to get involved and aim to provide a fun and active atmosphere. We have two large performances throughout the year, as...

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