Author: Jess Molyneux

New Bongo’s Bingo November date announced – for students only!

Calling all UoL, JMU and Hope students! A strictly students only edition of Bongo’s Bingo is set to be hosted at the Guild! After the massive turnout and overwhelming success of the freshers’ week Bongo’s Bingo event, the Guild are teaming up with Mr. Bongo himself once more – opening up Mountford Hall to ALL students from the Liverpool universities. Taking place on Sunday 19 November at 6pm (first game commencing around 8pm) in Mountford Hall, Liverpool students can be in for a chance to win some of Bongo’s most notorious prizes. Tickets are considerably lower than Bongo’s usual price, at...

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Upcoming trials for UOL’s University Challenge team

University Challenge – the British quiz show that will undoubtably outlive even Paxman himself. Watched and loved by all generations, it’s impossible for students to watch it in a family setting, as every parent assumes you can (or should be able to) answer every question related to your course. But now is your chance to put your intellect and general knowledge to the test… The Guild will be hosting open trials to find the University of Liverpool’s new University challenge team. Going head to head against other Universities from around the UK, you could be in for a chance of participating in one of Britain’s oldest and...

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SO Profiles: Meet Rory Hughes

Student Officers are elected and work full time on campus to help make improvements to the student experience. Here to support your activities and make your ideas become a reality, meet this years Vice-President! About your SO: ‘I’m Rory Hughes, the Vice-President for the upcoming year. I was elected in March 2017 and am the only new Officer on the team, steadily finding my feet with the help of the others. I was previously the Chair of the incredible and booming Labour Students Society on campus. I was also heavily involved in student activism on campus such as the NSS...

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Getting to know the Guild

During the beginning of term, many new students will be spending time in and out of the Guild, whether it be for a freshers event, to grab a drink and a bite to eat, or maybe if you’ve just stumbled upon it whilst trying to navigate your way around campus. Although the Guild is host to many large events and popular social spaces, it is at the heart of campus for a reason, and has a lot  to offer during your time at the University of Liverpool. Founded in 1889, the Liverpool Guild of Students is the award winning Student’s Union...

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Society Profiles: Meet the Uni Boob Team

Want to get involved and raise awareness on Campus? Why not try doing this in a fun way and for a cause that is so close to many hearts – meet the Uni Boob Team! ‘We are the Uni Boob Team here at Uni of Liverpool representing CoppaFeel!, which is a charity aiming to eradicate late detection of breast cancer; with 1 in 8 women getting breast cancer in their lives, and nearly 2000 discovering it at stage 4 we aim to get younger people to check their boobs/pecs on a monthly basis, to help to find signs and...

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