Author: Joel Costi-Mouyia

An Interview with Billy Bragg – Talking Politics, Patriotism, Punk and Grime

The political turmoil over the past year has been a hotbed for discussion amongst a plethora of established musicians. While needing no introduction in this area, legendary singer-songwriter and activist Billy Bragg’s latest record Bridges Not Walls delivers a nuanced depiction of the fanfare from the last twelve months. For any music lover like myself, interviewing Billy Bragg is as much of a pleasure as it is insightful. His refreshingly honest, self-aware considerations on not just his own career but also the volatile socio-political landscape that he walks would provide excellent talking points as I sat down with him...

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Mac DeMarco @ Mountford Hall 21/11/17 | Gig Review

Mac DeMarco’s jovial, fun-loving persona has clearly struck a chord with many adoring fans across the globe and plays a large part in creating his own USP. Despite reaching international fame with release of 2014’s Salad Days, refreshingly, DeMarco strikes the figure of a man who does not take himself seriously and is perfectly comfortable in his own skin. Whilst this was important for the audience to digest to prevent any prospective chin stroking and deliberation, DeMarco’s uncompromising performance style was equally unique as it was enjoyable. Opening with ‘On the Level’ and ‘Salad Days’, much of Demarco’s appeal is...

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Mr Jukes live at Manchester Academy 2 | Gig Review

For diehard fans of Bombay Bicycle Club their frontman, Jack Steadman’s latest venture as Mr Jukes may come as a surprise, swapping guitar ridden, synth induced indie anthems for brass bands, soul and jazz. Though this may polarise those of their fan base who lust for more of the same from a man whose songs coloured much of their youth, Steadman’s new journey is just as enjoyable. Speaking in an interview with Mista Jam on Radio 1 upon the release of his debut album, God First, Steadman remarked that this was “the album I was born to make” and...

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Stuck between Rock and a hard place – Think piece on the guitar, rock music and what it may have to learn from hip-hop

In a recent interview with The Spinoff, Queens of the Stone Age commented on the current status of the guitar in today’s musical climate. Their drummer, Jon Theodore, said, “It’s like guitars are going extinct in a lot of ways… It’s a new world right now, and sometimes I feel like a dinosaur but most of the time I’m just grateful that we got started before this transition started […] we’re still firmly rooted in the world of guitar”. This typified a lot of comments that I’ve recently read on the supposed decline of the guitar by the music press...

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Burning the HAUS Down at Sound Control | Interview and Review

Despite embarking on only their first ever UK headline tour, London based quintet HAUS took to the stage at Manchester’s Sound Control with a youthful energy, exuding confidence as each song flowed on to the next. Regarding the tour, lead singer Ash spoke of the different weight in expectation in comparison to being a support artist: “I think on average, support tours always go better because you have low expectations, you can have a shit show and that’ll be it.” However, when asked about their date at the London Courtyard the following day he responded more positively: “You always...

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