Author: Julia Catherine Ward

Spring Clean Your Make-Up Bag

With the official arrival of Spring (yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, there has been some sun around Liverpool), many people will be taking it upon themselves to do the traditional ‘spring clean”. As a beauty addict, rather than clean up my uni room, I’ve taken it upon myself to spring clean my make up bag. Not to mention, with the looming exam season, now is the time to invest in some miracle, student purse friendly products which can see you through the stress whilst helping you look your best. Looking at the S/S14 beauty trends and the latest products on the high street, I’ve compiled a list of beauty essentials to update your cosmetics bag this Spring. 1. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, £3.35 An odd choice to begin with but first thing’s first, when spring cleaning your make up bag, your brushes must not be forgotten. Give them a clean and rid them of any lurking bacteria and unwanted gunk. Although most make up brands do sell their own brush cleansers, I find using a baby shampoo to be just as effective. The mild ingredients and light scent are just what you need to freshen up your brushes. Swirl and gently cleanse the brushes in a blob of baby shampoo under warm, running water. Once clean, carefully remove excess water by pressing against a towel. Reshape to it’s original...

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Trialled & Tested: Nail Varnish

With Spring creeping up on us, no doubt we’ll be seeing a whole host of new, season inspired manis for us to try and imitate. So I’ve taken it upon myself to share with you my collected knowledge of the pros and the cons of various nail varnishes from the intimidating array of brands and options out there. I’ve compiled a list of five, each with their own star rating, my personal experience of using them and shades that I recommend. Revlon Nail Enamel £6.49 This polish just seems to have a somewhat grown up feel to it. Still to this day old-school make up muse Revlon are going strong and don’t disappoint when it comes to their Nail Enamel pots. With the likes of Olivia Wilde fronting their campaigns and their huge choice of classic colours, Revlon’s Nail Enamel’s are a high contender on my list. The smooth application, large pot sizes and selection of colours ranging from classic shades to glittery offerings all bode well with me and I would highly recommend browsing the collection. The only thing stopping this option getting full marks? From my experience, it chips after one day – not ideal for a busy day at uni! Despite this, it’s reasonable price is more student friendly than some of the top brands. Colours To Try: ‘Bewitching’ is a gorgeous reddy pink, perfect for...

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Gatsby Makeup Masterclass

With the release of Baz Lurhmanns’ ‘The Great Gatsby’ on DVD last Monday, I’ve well and truly caught Gatsby fever. Since watching it in the Summer, I’ve been obsessed: the fashion, the music, the make up, everything about it. So to commemorate the release of this twenties inspired phenomenon, I’ve put together a gatsby-esque make up masterclass to get you feeling like the ultimate flapper.   Face Fake tan and bronzer are a no-no where twenties make up is concerned. A dewy complexion is essential to master the oh so sweet Daisy look so after priming, a highlighter is a must have. I’d recommend Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl, £24.50. It’s iridescent particles give you an all-over glow which is a perfect base for foundation. Apply a small amount with a foundation brush to cheekbones, eyebrow bones and cupids brow or alternatively, blend together with your foundation. A dewy, creamy foundation is the basis of the Gatsby women’s complexion. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, £30.50 is the all in one glow-giving yet concealing foundation. Opt for paler, more subtle shades for a true Gatsby look. In terms of brows, the bolder the better. A strong brow was present on all the faces of flappers in the twenties so use a lasting brow pencil like Rimmel’s Professional Eye Brow Pencil, £2.99 to really accentuate them.     Eyes There are two choices when it comes to...

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Isabel Marant pour H&M

Only nine days remain until the launch of Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M and the countdown has officially begun. It’s the first major designer collaboration with the high street store, of 2013 since it last teamed up with Maison Martin Margiela last November. And it’s going to be a big one. If there wasn’t enough excitement already, the collection launch party stepped it up a notch. Situated in, of course, Paris and host to a spattering of Marant-clad guests including the likes of Audrey Tautou and January Jones, the evening was a huge success. The nineties atmosphere created at the event depicted the era in which Isabel debuted her eponymous line: brasseries, neon signs and street vendors were but a few of the nostalgic backdrops. A cinematic style featuring images, films and street casted models was used in order to present the gorgeous collection which includes many of the iconic pieces of her career.   The collection itself exudes that bohemian chic that is every bit Marant. Fringed leather boots, aztec printed woollies and various, patterned trousers capture the Parisian style that inspires the designer so much. The effortlessness and versatility of the pieces are         factors not often associated with designer labels but with this collection, they’re everything that matters and make the label what it is. That being a perfect partner to H&M, a...

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Winter Skin Survival

  Having just passed Halloween and now reaching November, I think it’s safe to start bracing ourselves for the Winter season. A season which consists of icy winds, a lack of sun and drying central heating – a multitude of things which aren’t so friendly to our skin. Of course, Winter isn’t all that bad, but our skin would appreciate it a lot more if we we’re prepped and ready for action. So to kickstart Winter ’13, I’ve decided on three key steps to keeping your skin happy in these coming months. Trust me, it’ll thank you for it! Exfoliation It’s a well known fact that the key to glowing skin in any month is exfoliation but this becomes a necessity in Winter. As your skin becomes drier, the fats that help skin cells stick together are lost. This is when things can get a bit flakey, so keeping a build up of dead skin cells at bay is essential. I recommend introducing exfoliation into your daily routine at least twice a week during the chilly season. An exfoliating body scrub is a must have, paired with a body brush or exfoliating glove. A firm favourite of mine is Soap and Glory’s Scrub ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Body Exfoliator, £7.50, a salty scrub with mandarin and jojoba oils which leaves your skin silky soft with a gorgeous scent too. For...

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