Author: Kelly Barnett

Liverpool Pro-Life Society holds first meeting

Last Wednesday, in the depths of the Guild’s basement, the controversy-provoking Liverpool Pro-Life Society held its first meeting. Life, a charity which “has been speaking out against abortion, offering a positive alternative since 1970” came to speak on the issues surrounding the Pro-Life movement. Initially, the speaker approached the issue from a secular humanist perspective – preaching on the issue of human rights, and championing disabled rights in particular. The Disability Clause to current abortion legislation means that there is effectively no upper limit for abortions of disabled foetuses, meaning that 92 per cent of Down’s Syndrome conceptions end in abortion....

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Ex-Liverpool student tells NUS campaigner ‘I hope you don’t get raped’ by a refugee

Jack Buckby is the controversial alt-right figure who garnered attention last year when he stood in a by-election for the seat of murdered MP Jo Cox. The former BNP member and Liverpool University student appeared alongside NUS activist Barbara Ntumy on a Channel 4 debate about the so-called ‘alt-right’ movement. Buckby left the studio in shock yesterday when he told the student activist: “I hope you don’t get raped” by a Syrian refugee. One camera man audibly exclaimed: “oh my god” during the live coverage. He told Ntumy to “stop bringing race into it. We hate the fact that you people take the...

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Win a meal for two at Bold Street’s new Mexican restaurant

This Refreshers week, The Sphinx are teaming up with El Mexicana, Bold Street’s newest addition, to bring the warmth of Mexico to your wintry post-exam hearts. El Mexicana opened in mid-December, and the branch is taking Liverpool by storm, offering student discount of 10 per cent – and for the remainder of January, this is doubled to a whopping 20 per cent off. Open for business 11am until midnight through the week and until 11pm on Sundays, specialities range from flavour-packed burritos to salsa-dipped nachos, fiery tacos and cool salads, as well as simple, satisfying bowls like the classic Chilli. What’s more, El Mexicana are...

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The Government are banning Letting Agent fees

Under plans announced in the Autumn Statement, lettings agents in England will be banned from charging fees to tenants “as soon as possible”. Tenants can currently be charged a range of administration fees for the simple and necessary task of signing a tenancy agreement. These fees may run into three digits, are non-refundable and often leave tenants confused. Many student lettings agents charge “application fees”: charging students for processing an application, before a deposit has been paid or any contract signed. In Liverpool, Topproperty charge £80 per person in application fees, as do Address Properties. Meanwhile, Accommod8 charge £200 for the...

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Banning is reductive, but the Pro-Life movement is cultural sickness

Last week, the Liverpool Guild was caught up in a furore of controversy after it approved a Pro-Life society. Within days, a petition had been set up to ban the society; this petition was then removed from the Guild’s website because its aims were inconsistent with free speech legislation. By Friday, an opposing Pro-Choice society had been launched. Its founders were “incredibly concerned for student welfare” and wanted their “own platform [to] respectfully challenge their views”. This is a step in the right direction: banning was never the answer. It seems clear that the Pro-Life society, which came under the category of...

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