Author: Kelly Barnett

In pictures: Liverpool Reclaim the Night 2017

Earlier this month, women took to the streets of Liverpool as part of Reclaim the Night: an international protest movement seeking to end violence against women, including street harassment and rape culture. The protests came to the UK from Germany in 1977 and were held across Leeds, York, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Brighton and London. The Liverpool event is now in its fifth year. A reader sent The Sphinx some photos of the event; all credits to Liam Joelson for these amazing...

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The votes are in: Liverpool Guild reveals new name for Aung San Suu Kyi room

Following a Change It petition, the Liverpool Guild of Students recently elected to rename their Aung San Suu Kyi room due to the Burmese leader’s controversial humanitarian record. The Guild was reportedly “flooded” by nominations, including one student who claimed to have suggested ‘Roomie McRoom Room’ as a suitable replacement. However, Guild staff and officers shortlisted 5 candidates who had “led real change, made a meaningful impact on the world and reflected the values of the Guild.” After more than 1,400 votes were cast, it was local hero Kitty Wilkinson who captured Liverpool’s attention. Renowned as ‘Saint of the Slums’,...

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Could anti-establishment figure Tom Harwood become NUS President?

The NUS National Conference runs from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th April, after which the historic union’s new leader will be announced. Last year, several student unions voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students following a series of scandals, including fellow Redbrick Newcastle University, whose then-President said: “It is clear our students feel that the NUS no longer represents their views, does not prioritise correctly and is not effective at achieving change. The warning signs were there last year when [13 SU Presidents] signed an open letter calling for reform. This fell on deaf ears.” Despite sizeable estimated savings to be...

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What’s On: Liverpool Varsity 2017

Varsity is the leading event of the university sporting calendar: each year the University of Liverpool and John Moores go head-to-head to compete for the Varsity Cup. The two biggest universities in Liverpool have been competing in the fixtures since 1993, but organisers say 2017 will be “the biggest and best year to date.” This year, American Football are headlining Varsity – since both universities are in League 2, it’s set to be an interesting finale. The Schedule: Events kick off with the Curtain Raiser on Monday 27th. This event will see the swimming teams diving into action at the University...

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All-male Guild Election: an incomplete summary of events

On Friday, 10th March, the Guild held its annual elections for representative officers. A tense atmosphere in the Mountford Hall saw Sean Turner re-elected as President. Ananda Mohan and Oba Akinwale swapped places, with Ananda becoming Deputy President, but all returning Student Officers remained in office. Rory Hughes was elected as newcomer, promising to print The Sphinx, reduce bus fares and cut the cost of gym membership. A results came in, newly-elected Rory Hughes said: “It feels a but unreal, to be honest with you… I think it’s a Labour Society win. I mean we worked really hard on campus to...

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