Author: Liam Curran

View from the Sidelines: Race for Europe, Rafa’s return rumbles on & The Wigan Tradition

While the premier league title race appears all but over, after this weekend’s results the race for European football is very much on. A few weeks ago Manchester City looked comfortable in second place, but after Saturday’s loss to Everton and Roberto Mancini reportedly fuming after the match it appears all is not well at the Manchester club. If City do slip up again Chelsea could be right on their tails. They moved up to third at the expense of Tottenham Hotspur, and now lie only four points behind second place City. After a season of torment for everyone...

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View from the Sidelines: Ronnie’s Return, Rafa’s Rant & Champions League

Last week Ronnie O’Sullivan revealed that he would return from his snooker sabbatical to defend his title at the World Championships in April. When Ronnie announced last November that he was going to miss the rest of the season the world of snooker had to once again cope with losing its most famous name because of unspecified ‘personal issues’. While Ronnie is praised by numerous pundits as being the most naturally talented player ever to play the game and is loved by fans liked no other playing today, Ronnie appears at times ambivalent to the life of a world...

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Black Mirror: ‘The Waldo Moment’ – review

The last episode in the current series of Black Mirror begins with an MP resigning because of pornographic pictures of a teenage girl appearing on his Twitter account. The resulting by-election provides the main action of the episode as the Conservative candidate Liam Monroe (Tobias Menzies), a young, career Labour politician (Chloe Pirrie), and an animated character, Waldo, created for a satirical comedy show voiced and acted by Jamie (Daniel Rigby), compete for the seat. While Liam is out canvassing in the city centre Waldo swears and insults him in an Ali G style to the delight of people...

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View from the Sidelines: James triumphs in Minsk, England win in New Zealand & Cardiff getting closer

                  While Manchester United moved one step closer to the Premier League title and England overcame France in the Six Nations, the best of Britain’s cyclists had convened in Belarus for the track cycling World Championships. Belarus’ capital, Minsk, may seem like a strange place for the world championships but it makes a whole lot more sense when you discover that Belarus is Europe’s only dictatorship and its President Alexander Lukashenko is a massive cycling fan. Lukashenko paid €5 million in order to get the team from Berlin to withdraw their...

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Black Mirror: ‘White Bear’ – review

SPOILER ALERT The second episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, ‘White Bear’, begins with Victoria (Lenora Crichlow) waking up in a chair with bandages around her wrists and pills scattered by her feet. Ominous. To make matters worse she can’t remember who she is and, as ventures out into a deserted residential street, she is filmed by people on their phones standing by their windows. Eventually Victoria meets Jem (Tuppence Middleton) who reveals that these ‘spectators’ have been  brainwashed by a mysterious signal that flashed up on every screen meaning that their only desire is to watch and film...

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