Author: Lily Blakeney-Edwards

Sophie and The Giants | Interview and Review

It’s early evening and raining like hell outside. Sophie (vocals) and The Giants, made up Chris Hill (drums), Antonia Pooles (bass) and Toby Holmes (guitar) are gathered round a small wooden table, surrounded by hummus, pitta, and Doritos. You would think that it’s just another night of hanging out as friends for the upcoming indie stars, instead of the first night of their well-awaited UK tour. “We’ve just been playing in Europe for a while, which has been amazing. We were so sad to leave!” Sophie smiles. “It’s still insane that we’ve gone from selling 10 tickets last time...

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The Leisure Society @ LEAF | Review

As they took to the stage, it was clear that the cosy setting of LEAF was a perfect backdrop to the Leisure Society’s intimate, yet unforgettable sound. With Liverpool being the final stop in their UK tour, members Nick Hemming (vocals), Christian Hardy (keyboard),  Sebastian Hankins (Drums), Jon Cox (Bass), and Mike Siddell (Violin) each looked eager to perform as they took to the stage, kicking off the night with the track ‘You Got The Universe’, from their acclaimed latest album ‘Arrivals and Departures’. The band brought the room to life immediately, and as the night begun, it quickly...

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Charlie Sloth | Interview

It’s quite a surreal sight to see Charlie Sloth in a small room in the Guild. With a career that involves being a former Radio 1 DJ, the creator of the iconic ‘Fire in the Booth’ series, and most recently a host on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Sloth has transformed himself from an underground DJ in Camden, to a well-respected radio star. Despite his remarkable achievements, it is clear as we sit down to discuss his career and upcoming projects, Sloth is as hardworking and passionate about the industry as ever: Pictured: Charlie Sloth. Photo Credit: Apple Music. How...

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The Leisure Society | Interview

The Leisure Society’s music is the type you always hope to come across. Intimate, intricate and moving, each song in the folk-pop group’s latest album, ‘Arrival and Departures’, seems equally focused on telling a story through its works, then just refining the music itself. The result? A beautiful series of pieces that combine some impressive folk arrangements with equally stunning lyrics. It’s an album you can come back to and still find something new. Following the well-deserved praise from the release, I sat down the man at the centre of the band, Nick Hemming, to discuss the groups plans...

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Declan Welsh and the Decadent West | Interview

Song-writer, poet and staunch activist, Declan Welsh and his band the ‘Decadent West’ are golden children of the Glaswegian music scene. With striking lyrics and wonderfully brash guitar riffs, their notorious indie-punk sound seems to be at the centre of modern political rebellion. They fit perfectly into a shit indie playlist all while taking an unapologetic look on today’s current issues. They’re a band that are not afraid to say what’s needs to be said, and one that should definitely be heard. It’s gearing up to be a busy year for the group, with both a UK tour and...

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