Author: Lily Blakeney-Edwards

The Leisure Society | Interview

The Leisure Society’s music is the type you always hope to come across. Intimate, intricate and moving, each song in the folk-pop group’s latest album, ‘Arrival and Departures’, seems equally focused on telling a story through its works, then just refining the music itself. The result? A beautiful series of pieces that combine some impressive folk arrangements with equally stunning lyrics. It’s an album you can come back to and still find something new. Following the well-deserved praise from the release, I sat down the man at the centre of the band, Nick Hemming, to discuss the groups plans...

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Declan Welsh and the Decadent West | Interview

Song-writer, poet and staunch activist, Declan Welsh and his band the ‘Decadent West’ are golden children of the Glaswegian music scene. With striking lyrics and wonderfully brash guitar riffs, their notorious indie-punk sound seems to be at the centre of modern political rebellion. They fit perfectly into a shit indie playlist all while taking an unapologetic look on today’s current issues. They’re a band that are not afraid to say what’s needs to be said, and one that should definitely be heard. It’s gearing up to be a busy year for the group, with both a UK tour and...

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Radio 6 Festival @ Liverpool Olympia | Gig Review

Liverpool became the hub for music-lovers everywhere last weekend, as the Radio 6 Festival took over the city for a 3-day event that promised to showcase the very best of alternative music. The festival took over in some of Liverpool’s most iconic venues, with Saturday’s celebrations coming to a head at Liverpool Olympia. The night ensured a diverse range of talent, from the brightest of upcoming artists, to already established music giants, and as the crowds made their way into the venue, it seemed that everyone was hungry for a night of live performance. The night was kicked off...

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AJ Tracey @ Albert Hall | Gig Review

A refusal to be boxed in to one genre has been a star player in the career of West London’s AJ Tracey, and it almost came to a fault when he brought the versatility of his self-titled debut album to Manchester’s Albert Hall. A surprisingly solid opening hour from UK trap artist Yung Fume preceded Tracey, who took Manchester on a short and dizzying journey from grime to laidback Afro-Swing to swaggering trap. “Vibe” was the word of the day for Tracey, seamlessly transitioning the crowd from the frenzied jumping of Fume’s set to the swaying of his album...

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The Sphinx Album Roundup | February 2019

With the Grammys out of the way, we here at the Sphinx have been diving, head first into 2019’s new album releases, unburdened by awards chatter, and the exhausting cultural discourse of last year. As a result, we’ve been able to dig up some of the most promising of this month’s releases. This month includes the latest album from a notorious jazz saxophonist, the ever-changing works of a beloved indie group, and the latest offering from adored rock giants. Chris Potter – Circuits (Daniel Marx – Music Editor) It is a pretty rare occurrence these days that someone will...

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