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EverythingEverything @ Manchester Apollo | Gig Review

  Decked out in their signature blue and orange apparel, indie-rock band EverythingEverything returned to their roots a few weeks ago when they took to the stage of the Manchester Apollo, in the city the band originated. Starting with their recently debuted single ‘Fever Dream’, it was interesting to see how instantaneously the mood of the venue changed. From the first note the room became something of a celebration. The venue was electric, with all manner of people becoming ecstatic and even elevated by the music of the band, who seemed at ease delivering their songs to a crowd so fanatic. Lead singer and frontman Johnathan Higgs commanded the stage beautifully, frequently showing off his impressive vocal range and interacting with the audience, while the other members Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman and Alex Robertshaw providing an almost hypnotic backing, sucking the crowd in with every moment. The night continued in full swing, with the band bringing out old favourites such as ‘Cough Cough’, from their first album, as well as more recent hits like their single ‘Desire’. The music took hold on the audience. The melodies seem fresh and unique, with the lyrics shocking and multi-layered, churning a mixture of response, from sheer absurdity to gut-wrenching dread. They also gave the listener a lot to contemplate, with many of their songs taking a political stand, which in the midst...

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Student Officer Candidate Interviews: Mary Otasowie

Meet SO candidate Mary Otasowie, a third year BSc Geography student: “I was one of 50 randomly selected students at the last Guild Summit, which must always contain a widely representative sample of the UoL student body. It is an important panel that discusses controversial issues on campus and votes on action to be taken. Being surrounded by such a diverse group of students made me realise how much our opinions differ and that each student’s voice DOES matter. I want to help people get their views heard and improve the everyone’s student experience by making positive changes, which is...

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