Author: Lauren Woods

All that’s left: Miliband ‘won’t shrink from being open about the problems of EU’

This week Ed Miliband voiced his concerns that Britain is ‘sleepwalking’ into leaving the European Union. Previously, the Labour Party joined Tory rebels to vote against a freeze in the EU budget which was seen by many to be a step towards Eurosceptism by the party. Miliband refutes these claims by suggesting that by being pro-Europe one should not necessarily ignore that ‘the EU’s budget looks like it’s more suited to the 1950s and not the 21st Century’. Douglas Alexander, shadow foreign secretary, further argued that Labour could be pro-European and still argue for reform. Mr Alexander went on...

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All that’s left: The EBacc and the arts

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the new English Baccalaureate, or ‘EBacc’, that is set to replace GCSEs. The EBacc is a lot like the International Baccalaureate, in the sense that there is more emphasis placed on traditional academic subjects. To achieve the EBacc a student must achieve grade C or higher in English, maths, a foreign language, two sciences and history or geography. However, subjects such as drama, music and art do not count towards the EBacc. In order to complete an EBacc, a student must devote 80% of their school time towards its completion, leaving...

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All that’s left: Liverpool and the Tories

In this week’s ‘All That’s Left’, Lauren takes a look at the history of Liverpool’s turbulent relationship with the Conservative party. It is fair to say that Liverpool has a history of being one of the most politically radical cities in the UK. The melting pot of ethnicities in the city has more often than not geared itself towards the left of politics, through organisations such as the Communist Party, Socialist Worker Party and, of course, the Labour Party. However, if you mention the Tories to any Liverpudlian, no matter what political leaning, the subjects of the docks, council...

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All that’s left: can Miliband shed ‘Red Ed’?

In her new column ‘All That’s Left’, Lauren will be bringing you her take on the left of UK politics each fortnight. This week she starts with a look at the Labour Party conference. Image has always been the key factor that has held Ed Miliband back in his political career. It is not uncommon to hear someone compare him to a modern-day Trotsky or an extra from an Aardman animation. Unlike one of his predecessors, the ever charming Ken doll robot Tony Blair, Miliband does not possess a Hollywood smile, or even a pleasant sounding voice. On the...

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A Student Guide to Nottingham

  Nottingham is a remarkably similar city to Liverpool in that it has a thriving music scene, great clubs and enough places of interest to never seem dull. However, Nottingham boasts a unique history of its own which serves to generate the friendly atmosphere you experience when visiting the city. Here are my tips for the best things to do and see whilst staying in Nottingham.   1. Live Music Nottingham has a broad music scene where all genres, no matter how obscure, are represented. The popular venue Rock City is due to host rock bands such as Lower Than...

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