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The Guild will be hosting an information evening about LSMedia, the official online newspaper. This meeting is for prospective committee members and journalists of the paper to find out how the website works and learn more about the committee roles. An election will be held on October 7th. Committee Roles These are roles which we will be holding elections for. You will need to be a paid up member of LSMedia to stand for election and to vote: Editor-in-Chief Deputy Editor News Editor Deputy News Editor Arts and Culture Editor Features and Comment Editor Sport Editor Tech Editor Food and Drink Editor Fashion Editor Beauty Editor Travel Editor Science Editor Photos Editor Site Administrator Secretary Treasurer For the volunteer roles you will not be required to stand for election, but you will still need to be a member to vote. Volunteer Roles Writers Photographers Columnists There will also be opportunities for Deputy Editor Roles dependent on demand. The event is free so please register your attendance for the information meeting here and election here. Whilst registering you specify which role you would be interested in, but this is not a formal application for any role. Official applications for roles will open at the information meeting. You can join the society...

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Surf’s up! Catch a wave with Livsurf

Surf’s up and the weekend rolls round, and Livsurf journey on an adventure to explore Britain’s wild waves. The surf trip is a sacred exploration to find the perfect wave. It involves a continuous battle to improve technique, fitness and ability. After having caught that first wave a never ending addiction begins, to stay in the water, ready for the perfect ride. Choosing when and where to go into the sea is a tricky little challenge; the right conditions have to be met and the tide must be good, along with the onshore wind. A bit of banter with the rest of the group will help gain a better understanding of when the best time to jump into the water is. Surfing involves counting on the weather forecast not knowing for certain what it may be, making the most of the waves available and paddling hard for a wave, hoping to avoid a wipe out. Surfing can therefore be considered a true risk-taker’s game. But with a bit of practice that glorious moment of catching a wave can happen. By paddling harder, speed increases making it easier to catch a wave. The board is lifted and carried forward by the wave at which point the surfer tries to “pop- up” to their feet. Members of this friendly group come from many different backgrounds from the excitable beginner to the hard core and dedicated surfer. All members with a strong determination to...

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