Author: Lucy Pilling

Leave manipulated the working classes and we should direct our anger at politicians, not the voters

It is time for us to stop. We must stop blaming the working classes for the Brexit vote, unite the people and direct our anger at lying politicians. I am an angry Remain voter. I have a strong pro-migrant political stance, fervently believe in open borders, and strongly disagree with anxieties about migration. My anger, though, is aimed at the deceitful leaders of the referendum campaigns, rather than the politically and socially marginalised. YouGov polls showed working class people and older people as the primary Leave voters, whilst the young, and especially graduates, overwhelming voted Remain. We have the...

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Unequal pay at University is not a myth and needs to be eradicated

A recent study, released on International Women’s Day in March, has shown that female professors at The University of Liverpool are on average paid over £8,000 less than their male counterparts. This makes it the ninth worst institution in the UK for gender pay inequality. The survey predicts it could take until 2050 to close the gender pay gap. Why is it that 50 years after the Equal Pay Act was implemented, staggering figures revealing gaps in all workplaces are evident? Clearly the gender pay gap isn’t a myth created by the ‘feminazis’. Why is something so archaic, such as treating...

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EU referendum debate at the University

On Wednesday 27th of April the university organised a debate between whether we should vote to stay in or vote to leave the EU in 8 weeks time on June the 23rd. The event was organised by the guild president, Harry Anderson, and academics from the Politics department, Stuart Wilks-Heeg and Erika Harris. Tickets for the event were so high in demand that the organisers had to move the event to a bigger venue, a lecture theatre in the Rendall building. The debate involved a host and two speakers, one in favour of each side. The host was head of...

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