Author: Leanne Cook

Sound of the week – Purity Ring

Megan James and Corin Roddick are the Canadian twosome that play under the moniker of Purity Ring. They formed in Montreal in 2010, after Roddick started experimenting with more electronic sounds whilst they were both members of the band Born Gold. James sang on a track Roddick had created and it soon turned into a single they released in January of this year, ‘Loftcries’. Within the last two years, the band have made a lot of headway. In April, they announced their signing to both 4AD and Last Gang Records (in Canada) and a month later they revealed the release of...

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Sound of the Week – Paper Aeroplanes

Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn are the nostalgic Welsh duo that is Paper Aeroplanes. Formed in 2009 in the depths of West Wales, both had previously played in their own bands of others sorts before coming together to form Paper Aeroplanes. Incidentally they had both been playing together for five years before they officially formed the band. The band’s debut album The Day We Ran Into The Sea was released in 2010 on My First Records. The twelve track album is the only full length album that the band has released since their birth in 2009. Following on from...

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Paper Aeroplanes – gig review

The Shipping Forecast has been home to many a night of music. Whether it be house music, rock music or indie music, the place is always electric. The same goes for a night filled of acoustic music, candles and just about every string instrument you could imagine. The bare wall with scrapes of old floral wallpaper and bare beams overhead was the perfect backdrop for Paper Aeroplanes to return to Liverpool. And boy what a set they played! The band began their set with a fairly new song, Time To Be; a wistful track interspersed with loud sounds born...

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Sound of the week – Mystery Jets

How much can you really expect from a band originally named the Misery Jets? The answer – a lot. Originally formed in the early nineties when front man Blaine Harrison was only 12, the band have filled the last decade with great things. They began as ‘The Misery Jets’, a name in homage to the Heathrow bound aeroplanes that flew over their native Eel Pie Island in Twickenham (also the birth place of The Who). The band changed their name to ‘Mystery Jets’ following a misspelling on the part of Blaine when writing the name of the band on...

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Sound of the week – Cold Specks

‘Sound of the week’ is a new music column which will provide an introduction to various musicians. Tune in every Monday to catch the latest installment.  Cold Specks is the moniker under which hides the soulful singer-songwriter Al Spx. The Canadian band graced Liverpool with their presence in February, playing a mesmerising set at Leaf. A few months on and they return to Liverpool to play the Kazimier – so what have they been doing with the last seven months? It is hard to believe that with a voice as spellbinding as hers, Spx went unnoticed in Canada for...

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