Author: Maaike Goslinga

London’s Quirkiest Museums

London is celebrated for its rich heritage, architectural landmarks, eccentric fashion and the plethora of both top-notch eateries and quaint pubs, not to mention some of the best museums and galleries in the world. But where the capital really shines is in those hidden parts where few tourists tread. Start investigating history you did not even know existed and look for these five eclectic, unusual and bizarre museums in the city of culture. Fan Museum With over 3,500 antique and modern fans from around the globe, the fan museum boasts the largest collection of British and exotic fans in...

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City Breaks On Your Doorstep

Even though we all love Liverpool to bits, the mulling over essays, weekly visits to Bold St’s cafes and the hustle and the bustle of Smithdown Road can get a little tiresome after a while. So why not hop on a train to a different city nearby and come back with a head full of good memories and sizzling experiences? Here’s some tips for the best UK city breaks – on Liverpool’s doorstep. Chester Whether you want to take a boat trip on the River Dee, walk along the city’s ancient Roman walls or visit the famous racecourse, Chester...

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Hidden Holland

With a total of five million tourists a year, it does not come as a surprise that Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the greatest small cities in the world. The abundance of canals, baby-doll houses coupled with a relaxed atmosphere undoubtedly make the ‘weed’ capital the perfect holiday destination for Brits wanting to explore life on the other side of the Channel. And yet, whilst there is nothing wrong with Amsterdam’s cultural hotspots, bustling nightlife and the attraction of the only legal ‘coffee shops’ in the world, the Netherlands has so much more to offer....

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