Author: Maisie Ridgway

Dimensions Festival Preview

Dimensions festival is the ultimate amalgamation. Music, history and holiday combine to create one of the must attend festivals this year. Sharing a space with its bassy big brother Outlook Festival, Dimensions is set to take place at Fort Punta Christo- a national heritage site in Pula, Croatia from 27th August-31st August. Moats, dungeons and forts form the backdrop as the world’s best in electronic music take to the stage or take to the decks. This year the week kicks off with the opening concert at Croatia’s own Roman amphitheatre where headliners include the scorched sonic of Darkside’s most recent release Psychic and the equatorial soundscapes of Caribou. The aforementioned coupled with some trippy visuals will come together to bring the ruins to life. You’d be wrong to miss it. But if their performance fails to impress, you could always take it back to 27BC and make them fight bears in gladiator sandals. Following the opening party the Adriatic coast will play host to the likes of Nina Kraviz, Floating Points, Jon Hopkins, Baths and Eliphino to name but a few. The festival boasts a higher spec of sound systems than any other festival of its size this year and it’s a good job too given the line up. Mungo’s arena will once more accommodate Mungo’s hi-fi, lovingly transported all the way from Scotland whilst nine other historic relics...

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Splashh – Interview

We caught up with Sasha, lead singer of the psychedelic garage band Splashh to ask him about their new album Comfort, what it was like sharing a stage with The Rolling Stones and what was next for the band. You all came from different countries and places how did you get together? I met Toto when I came to London a few years ago in 2010 through mutual friends, he was playing in a band at the time with Tom who plays bass and we just kind of hung out until I had to go back to New Zealand. I moved back over (to London) just recently after new years at the beginning of 2012 and met up with Toto. I just started writing with him and it all kind of came together. I know Jacob from New Zealand, I’ve been friends with him for a long time. Jake was the last person to join the band, we needed a drummer and I was just like ah I know somebody so we just flew him over last minute it was good fun. Congratulations on your new album Comfort where does the name come from? I was sitting at my Mum’s house in Sydney and I felt pretty comfortable. It sounds like a good word and it’s inspired by New Order, how they just had the one word, I don’t...

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Haim: Days Are Gone Review

Este, Alana, and Danielle otherwise known as the three-piece band Haim evolved from what some would consider a pretty questionable start in the music business. The three sisters began their career playing Motown covers in their parent’s band before Danielle and Este were (unluckily?) scouted to be a part of the girl group Valli Girls. What was to follow was a series of cringe worthy teeny-bobber singles including the theme song to the short-lived television program ‘Trollz’. Luckily for us though Danielle and Este quit to pursue more credible careers in music that culminated in the creation of Haim. After sitting in our peripherals for a while Haim officially hit the scene in 2012 with the release of their first single ‘Forever’. A far reach from their teeny-bobber past, ‘Forever’ is a glittery homage to 80’s handclaps, palm mute guitar and staccato, R&B vocals that takes the place of track no. 2 on their debut album Days Are Gone (released at the end of last month). Hailed by everyone from Jay-Z to Mumford and Sons Days Are Gone has really hit the bell at the top of the indie pop High Striker.  It’s a compilation of glossy anthems that echo of the 80s and Fleetwood Mac giving pop a refreshingly good hook to hang its name on. The only obvious criticism of Days Are Gone is that it potentially draws...

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